map of indonesia

Indonesia, is one of the richest countries in Southeast Asia, both with its natural wealth and resources. Indonesia is a unitary state that stands and is independent of the struggle of various elements of society. Indonesia is neither a communist nor a liberal country. However, prioritizing harmony and tolerance of life. Indonesia is led by one head of state, namely the president and one vice president. Indonesia became independent on August 17, 1945. Many heroes died for the independence of the Indonesian state.

 Indonesia has many islands, both large islands and small islands. On every island has a lot of natural wealth generated from nature in it. Indonesia has a tropical climate so many dense forests that grow and develop in Indonesia. Many flora and fauna that grow and develop in it. The diversity of plants and animals also makes a lot of attention from all corners of the world to conduct research. The land in Indonesia is very fertile, so many people use it to plant crops. Lots of plantation products are exported abroad and used by the domestic community. Not only that Indonesia also has a vast ocean, beautiful sea views and amazing underwater paradise. Many foreign tourists visiting Indonesia because they want a vacation and look for all the uniqueness in Indonesia. Indonesia has various ethnicities, religions and cultures. However, all people have a high tolerance and uphold the values ​​of unity. In Indonesia there are many tribes such as Javanese, Sumatran, Dayak, Batak, and so on. Not only that, in Indonesia also developed many religions, such as Islam, Christianity, Catholicism, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Kong hu cu. Many cultures do not make a difference, but that is Indonesia. There are also many natural and historical tourism objects in Indonesia. One of them is Bali, culture and tourism in Bali is very attractive to foreign tourists. Lots of tourists who vacation in Bali and spend their holidays on the beach. There tourists can surf, swim, dive, and other water games and enjoy the beautiful sunrise and sunset. Indonesia also has the island of Lombok, just like Bali, Lombok Island also offers stunning beaches. Not only that Indonesia also has an island in which there are rare ancient animals, which is also called the Komodo island. Indonesia is like a heaven on earth. Indonesia has invaluable wealth. Abundant natural products and also abundant mining products. Indonesia is also a producer of gold, located in Papua, but under the supervision of foreign companies owned by other countries. Not only gold, there are also many other metals that can be found in Indonesia. Not only metal. Indonesia was once the Asian rice barn, because Indonesia is able to produce rice, and can meet the needs of its own country and other countries. Indonesia has a large rubber plantation, it is not surprising that Indonesia is also an exporter of rubber. Tobacco is also very popular among the people, because Indonesia also has a well-known cigarette company. Indonesia also has oil palm plantations. Which later results from oil palm is turned into oil and can be sold in the community or to other countries. Indonesia is also a coffee producer, currently there are many coffee shops selling coffee from all over Indonesia, because every coffee in each region in Indonesia has its own uniqueness. In fisheries also Indonesia has advantages. Many Indonesians work as fishermen and fish farmers. Fishermen in Indonesia search for fish off the sea for days. And many fish farmers, both ornamental fish and fish consumption.

Indonesia has a vast nature with green trees. Not only that, Indonesia is also surrounded by many active and non-active mountains. a lot of people who use their vacation to climb the mountain. Because Indonesia has many mountains so the weather around the mountain will feel cool. Usually on the mountain are also a lot of stunning scenery. Even waterfalls can be found. Beautiful waterfall with clear water. There are also Indonesian people who are still unknown to many people. Indonesia has a diversity of people. Not only the people, but Indonesia also has a variety of unique mas Archipelago that has their own uniqueness. Not only food, there are also special drinks from each region. As an example of gudeg in Jogjakarta, it is a compulsory culinary that must be tried when visiting Jogja, Ayam Betutu from Bali, Soto Betawi in Jakarta, Rendang from Padang, Dawet from Banjarnegara and many more.

For tourism in Indonesia, it is not only natural tourism, but also religious tourism and tourism to commemorate the struggle of the heroes. There are so many relics in the religious field and in the wartime era. Because Indonesia is a country that has diversity, many relics are also found that still have to do with religious matters, such as the mosques from the Wali Songo relics, there are temples of Hindu and Buddhist relics. Indonesia has temples that are large and spacious, such as the Borobudur temple and Prambanan temples, and there are still other temples that were built in the ancient kingdom. Not only that, many fortifications were found in the old fortress. Due to formerly Indonesia was colonized by many European nations, so many relics of European architecture. Indonesia is also famous for the beauty of batik. Batik is highly developed among the people of Java. There are many types of batik developed in the community. Not only that, each region has a different batik pattern. There is written batik, printed batik, and many more. to produce written batik is not short, it takes days to produce high quality batik. The famous batik producing areas are such as Pekalongan, Jogja, Semarang, Solo, and so on. there is also a popular songket fabric craft in Indonesia. Not only crafts, but Indonesia also has a variety of arts that have existed from the time of ancient ancestors. Like the gamelan in Java and Yogyakarta, Reog Ponorogo, and many other arts. There are also shadow puppets and shadow puppets, but what is commonly popular in the community is shadow puppets. In Indonesia, there are many puppeteers who play puppets with a variety of ancient stories. Wayang does not forget to be accompanied by gamelan. West Java is also famous for angklung art, by bringing beautiful Sundanese music. Indonesia also has a variety of dance arts that are different in every movement. Not only that every dance has its own meaning. With the nature that every dance is different also has meaning. in dance performances also usually accompanied by music too.

What needs to be known is that Indonesia is still in the development stage, a lot of infrastructure is being developed. Lots of foreign companies who want to invest in Indonesia. In the industrial sector, Indonesia also has high potential in the transportation industry. Many transportation companies from Japan are investing in Indonesia. This can benefit Indonesia as the host and can increase the country’s foreign exchange.


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