The fourth generation industrial revolution is characterized by the emergence of supercomputers, smart robots, vehicles without drivers, and the development of neurotechnology that allows humans to optimize brain function. This was stated by Klaus Schwab. The founder and executive chairman of the world economic forum in his book the fourth industrial revolution. This fourth industrial revolution also illustrates the exponential change in the way we live, work and connect with each other because of cyber development, the internet of things and the internet of systems.

The development of science and technology has changed the world, as in the first generation industrial revolution that has changed history when human and animal power was replaced by the appearance of engines such as steam engines. In the second industrial revolution was marked by the emergence of electric power plants and combustion chambers which triggered the emergence of cars, airplanes and others. Then, the third industrial revolution was marked by the emergence of digital technology and the internet.

Furthermore, in this fourth industrial revolution is the potential to improve the quality of life of the population and of course also can increase the level of income to meet their daily needs. In addition, technological technology from the fourth industrial revolution that can develop at this time can also be useful to help us prepare ourselves well to face all forms of potential natural disaster threats and can also cancel some of the damage that the previous industrial revolution could cause.

At this stage, the incumbent company has no other choice but to accept and adjust to a new balance because industrial fundamentals have changed and the incumbent company is no longer the dominant player. The incumbent company can only strive to stay in the midst of competition.

The danger that can be caused by the fourth industrial revolution.

The Indonesian government needs to plan and regulate new capabilities to be ready to ensure the readiness of our country to face this fourth industrial revolution. There may be increasing social tensions as a result of socio-economic changes brought about by the fourth industrial revolution that can have the financial means to secure it, and that technology can increase economic inequality.

Industrial Revolution in Indonesia.

The implementation of the fourth generation industry certainly must be followed by the formation of a healthy and sustainable ecosystem, so that it can be effective and can move all economic sectors. Rishard ,the leaders of technology in Indonesia, explained that Indonesian people are actually already accustomed to utilizing technological developments, but have not yet utilized it optimally. Especially in matters of productivity that can develop the digital economy in Indonesia.

In fact, according to him the 4.0 industrial revolution will be beneficial to the wider community. Whether it’s business people or the public, especially in operational cost efficiency. That can happen if there is collaboration between industry players.

The 4.0 industrial revolution has actually been running now in Indonesia. For example, the presence of Go-Jek and Grab is proven to facilitate the community, because it can order transportation or eat only through phones.

The way to prepare for the 4.0 industrial revolution

Leaders and the public should work together to work together to realize the success of the industrial revolution 4.0 in Indonesia. We must be able to take advantage of all the potential we have, especially in terms of technology development that strongly supports the process of developing the industrial revolution 4.0.

The community must also be fast and responsive in responding to all threats, disturbances and consequences that are likely to occur during this industrial revolution. All companies also have to invest in the ability to work together and the ability to analyze all business opportunities that might occur. All business people also have to move to become smart organizations so as not to lose competition.

We also need nation leaders who can lead this nation to succeed in the development of the industrial revolution in Indonesia. In addition, leaders must also be able to manage the organization which is their duty as well as be able to help manage and be able and able to become a good link between the community and the state leaders.

Can Indonesia survive?

Indonesia will be able to survive the era of industrial revolution 4.0. to deal with the industrial revolution 4.0 and the consequences that might arise at the industry level, employ the much needed brain capabilities, highly needed human resources, a wide area of the business world such as cooperation with other companies that might influence the future that will coming as well as the participation of all Indonesian people which certainly will greatly influence the development of the industrial revolution 4.0.

It is expected that the development of this fourth industrial revolution can create more employment opportunities and many business people who want to work with Indonesia and can also make technology based jobs.

To create success in the digital era, linkages and full cooperation are carried out between business people and all elements of society in order to create a maximum industrial revolution 4.0. The Industrial Revolution 4.0 in Indonesia has a profound effect on the development of technology in Indonesia, the statement about “Indonesia is not ready for industrial revolution 4.0” is wrong.I strongly agree with the development of the 4.0 industrial revolution. In my opinion the development of this revolution is very supportive in terms of technological developments that can be sustainable with the conditions of employment for the whole community and can realize the Indonesian state which plays an active role in the development of technology so as not to lose in competing with other countries. Indonesia must also catch up with the technology that may have been very advanced in other countries by conducting industrial visits or working with foreign parties. It is expected that later on in the 100-year program of Indonesia’s independence, Indonesia can be in line and advance with other countries. with technology that is not less advanced.

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