HP ENVY 13 Review

Hi Guys! welcome back with me, Rakha Nadhifa Harmana “the best reviewer in the world”. Today we gonna review the brand-new HP Envy 13, this is the 2018 model, it is the premium ultrabook that is more affordable than its competition.

Design, Port and Battery

I got to say I love HP’s design, it is a beautiful laptop, it is made out of all-metal, I love the HP logo, it is very angular and it is very chiseled in fact it is chiseled. It kind of makes me feel fat inside. The design on the back of the laptop is kind of unique it has this  pattern spanning across the back with the Envy logo on the right. But, the thing to take away from this laptop is its size. It is 2.6 pounds of making it a very light laptop to carry on the go.

  • W – 30,7 cm
  • D – 21,2 cm
  • H – 1,49 cm
  • Weight – 1,29 Kg

You can chuck this in the bag, you are probably not gonna feel it, it is just a great laptop for school or for work. In terms of ports, on the left side you have your audio jack, a USB 3.0 port, USB Type-C it is not thunderbolt 3 and a micro SD card slot. on the right hand side, you have your power connector, another USB 3.0 port and a fingerprint scanner. Inside is a very simple, all you can do is basically swap out the HD which is a super fast PCIe nvme SSD with really great read and write speeds (READ – 3323 MB/S, WRITE – 1613 MB/S). The battery 53 watt hours and I was able to go about eight to nine hours before needing to charge, so basically if you are bringing this to school or you are bringing it to the office or if you are on a road trip, you will be able to get a full days of use.

Memory, Display and Speaker

Ram, this laptop has 8 gigabytes but you can upgrade it to 16 and the Wi-Fi card is also swappable. The display is 13 inches. It is IPs and has pretty good color accuracy

  • SRGB – 95%
  • ARGB – 73%
  • NITS – 284

I think it is fine for light photoshop user, content creators, but it is not 100% color accurate. Speaker very good on this laptop. In fact it is a lot better than most ultra books at this price, there is two on the bottom, there is one at the top and it is quite loud, the highs are nice and crisp, the mids are good and there is even a little bit of bass, I am very impressed for a laptop this size. The keyboard are pretty awesome when you open up the laptop, the bottom of the deck lifts up at an angle providing more comfortable typing experience the keys themselves bottom out with some nice great actuation force at the end, but the first initial impression is that they are a little bit mushy,, you do have a separate page up and page down keys which is very important know a lot of programmers out like the fact that there on the right hand side it allows easy access to them, instead of having them bound to a function key besides that you get good travel distance I am guessing around 1.5 milimeters which is much better than other ultra books on the market. Touchpad, this is a great  size, it is made out of glass, the  only thing that I do not like is the the fact that this laptop is using synaptic drivers . I found the accuracy of scrolling  and moving around not to be  nearly as good as a windows laptop with window presicion drivers.


Now, when it comes to performance, this is an ultrabook and this is is Z’s in the eye 78550u processor. So you can do all standard stuff very comfortably like browsing net of tons of tab, open big excel sheets, hoping productivity like Microsoft office google docs.

  • I7-8550u
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 256 GB PCIE SSD
  • COST 992 USD

Even programming or even do some light photoshop work, you are not gonna game on this machine, this is not a gaming laptop, but if you want , you can play well optimized games like overwatch, if you do not mind dropping the setting to low. Now if that is not enough pet for you in an ultrabook this also comes with an MX 150 but you will have to shell out some extra cash, now when it comes to heat management, this thing do actually amazing. I had my friend HP Envy 13 laptop’s going for three hours or for hours playing intensive games, running benchmark tests and a CPU always stayed below 70 degrees celcius even the heat management on the heat management on the surface temps were not really good. But overall HP did a fantastic job with the heat. Now if you are a student like me or someone who needs a very quiet environment, the fans of this things, don’t get that loud. You will hear them when things get a little bit intensive, but they are not loud enough to really complain about anything.


So that pretty much wraps up my review on the HP Envy 13. This is a great ultrabook if you are looking for something for a little bit cheaper than the majority of other premium ultra book that are on the market. I definitely think you should take a look at HP Envy 13. It has a great design, it is light to carry only 1,2 kg, the display is pretty good, it is fast enough to do all of your work it has a good battery life that you will not have to charge for 8 to 9 hours. And all the ports you need to get your work done. Let me know ypur thought in the comments below, let me know what you think of the Envy 13, follow me on Instagram @rakharmana. Thank you


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