The following are some steps on how to start an online business that can be applied for beginners, including:

  1. Straighten intentions, have the right business mindset.
  2. Decide what you want to sell.
  3. Create sales websites and online stores.
  4. Promote your online sales stalls.
  5. Find a mentor and a positive environment.

I will expalain it for you and share my experients to you my friend.

  • Have the right business mindset.

This message you may have heard often. But remember, what you want to do is build a BUSINESS. So having the right business mindset and positive mental attitude is IMPORTANT. We also need to think about building assets, where the assets will work for us later. Don’t let us when we have succeeded in building a business to the point of difficulty, but ultimately sacrifice other things just because we are busy taking care of business. just like any other type of business, when you decide to build an online business there are definitely some things that you should pay attention to, such as:

  1. Capital.
  2. Product to sell.
  3. Market to be targeted.
  4. Marketing strategy.
  5. Business continuity and business trends.

the determinant of the success of a business, 95% is determined by the quality of the human person. These are non-technical things. And the rest is technical. You can have the expertise to create a sophisticated web, with various features and a cool appearance. Or, you could be very skilled in a field. But if you don’t have a vision of your abilities, don’t have the enthusiasm to learn and survive, that’s the same, your business will be just as much. Try to be able to benefit the people around you, and also for the good of others. That way, you will find reasons why you do business online. Our main goal in doing business besides earning income, also in order to be able to serve more people and be more beneficial to others.

  • Decide what you want to sell.

Here are some tips on how to find products to sell:

  1. Look for what is needed by the community, look for what is needed by the people around you.
  2. You are the problem solver, you are the solution provider of people’s problems.
  3. Exchange benefits that you can provide, into a form of mutually beneficial transactions.

Most people make a wrong move at this stage. They are too focused on the product first, not on the needs of people. So that many even fell before reaching the first sale. My advice, do product research, and as much as possible look for products that sell quickly and turn around quickly. This means that many need or have a market. It’s nothing, but if our products require too little or the market is narrow, usually we will easily give up because the merchandise doesn’t sell well.

Regarding the type of product, it can take the form of physical products, services, or digital.

  1. Examples of physical product, herbal soap, herbal medicines, watches, smartphones, motorcycles, cars, food, accessories, home and building items, and anything you can catch.
  2. Examples of digital products, can be in the form of pulses, ebooks, information products, online courses, software.
  3. Examples of services can be to provide website creation services, online marketing services, car rentals, tour & travel agents, Hajj & Hajj agents, flight and train ticket payment services, and other services.

No need to be too detailed, the important thing is you have a big picture of your plan and understand online marketing patterns.

  • Create sales websites and online stores.

Because we want to take advantage of the internet media or sell via online, technically the steps for selling it online are:

  1. At the initial stage, try selling through online markets (marketplace sites), social media sites, and social chat applications first.
  2. When you want to be more serious, you can start creating your own website.

About how to create a website, you can use a free website method and a paid website. I’ll explain this for you my friend.

  1. Paid Website

This method requires us to use our own domain and hosting. That is, we have to find a domain name for our website address, and then rent hosting to be combined with that domain. If I may tell you, this method is the most I recommend. The benefits are many, and one of them is to have your own domain address, our online business will feel more professional in the eyes of consumers and more trusted.Free Website

2. Free Website

As long as I know, there are several free blog providers that are already quite well known, including WordPress, Blogspot, Typepad, Posterous, Tumblr, and many more. But if I may suggest, use WordPress or Blogspot. Because the two blog providers are already widely known by internet users in the world, and in my opinion are also more easily recognized by search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

  • Promote your online sales stalls.

After the website is finished, you can fill it with product / service information that you have. Fill the website with convincing content. Don’t just copy and paste. Use words that are appropriate for you to display on the website, because this will be a means of promotion and your online office. For web content material, display only the simplest first, and as much as possible contain the following information:

  1. Business profile.
  2. Image gallery of products / services and their information.
  3. Complete business address by contacting you.
  4. How to order and order form.
  5. Business logo / business.

Regarding the logo, in my opinion it should not be considered trivial. Because it can have a tremendous impact on your business entity and business. Namely recognition and trust / trust of potential customers and customers.

  • Find a mentor and a positive environment.

For those of you who want to study business online more seriously, I suggest to start looking for a mentor. It is he who will “guide” you in the early days of building a business, both directly and indirectly. This mentor can be your friends, parents, siblings, teachers, lecturers, or business people who you think have succeeded in the business they are involved in. They have gone through a process of ups and downs and bitter sweet and sour salt in building their business and lives, so you can learn from the experience of the process. And we should pay respect to our mentors, because it is from them that is the science of life and business knowledge that can reach us. With this mentor, you can speed up the trial and error process that you need while proceeding to the top.In addition, join the business community and other communities that support your goals, and have a positive environment. This will also greatly support your learning process so that it is more conducive and directed. The more often you meet, gather, and discuss with people who are one vibration and one vision, you will find opportunities and support for mutual support, sharing passion, and knowledge. That is an important asset that you need to have to move forward.

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