How to set Google Chrome as your default browser in iOS 14. The first thing you need to do is get your iPhone or iPad onto iOS 14. That means you’ll be running beta software, but don’t worry too much as the full release isn’t far off and I’ve not really noticed any issues in the few months I’ve been using it.

Here the Steps:

  1. Install Google Chrome from the App Store
  1. Open Settings and tap on the settings for Chrome
  1. Tap on Default Browser App and change it to Chrome

Now every weblink you click on iOS will open up in Google Chrome, instead of Safari. You’ll get a confirmation notice the first time you open a link inside an app, letting you know that Chrome is wanting to open the link, so hit OK to confirm. It won’t ask again, and it’s part of the new security stuff inside iOS 14 that lets you know more about what’s going on when you do things on your iPhone.

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