There are several ways to create a website including being able to use a content management system (CMS), e-commerce Script, and Website builder. The first and foremost step is we must determine the website’s idea we will make. And than we also need to register the name of domain. We must choose a web hosting. And than choose platform and make website can use website in wordpress, make website in Joomla, Drupal , or with website builder. And than we must to develop our website.

To choose idea of website, we must known for what the website we make. Usually the purpouse someone build a website are for e-commerce website, blog, education website, news website, community online, or just for portofolio.

For the next step we must to make the name of domain. As for the domain is the name of your website or an address that can be accessed by users through the internet. Domain names are useful for finding computers on the internet. Each computer has a different number or address, called an IP address. Example of an IP address is However, internet users will have difficulty remembering IP addresses that consist of a combination of numbers like that. Thus, domain names are made that will be easier to remember. So when we want to access a website, we only need to remember the domain name.

Domain names consist of a combination of numbers and letters with a variety of different extensions such as .com, .co.id, .net. Each website has a different domain name and each domain must be registered first so that the website can be accessed. Currently there are various types of hosting services that we can use to store website data. But before we use it, be sure to understand the website needs to be made regarding what kind of hosting is suitable. To make a name of domain we can do brainstrorming. We also can use domain check fiture. We must to input the name of domain which is desired. We must to give the best name for our domain and complete the order and domain registration. A good domain name is usually a domain with a .com extension, domain names are made as short as possible, and do not use dashes and numbers.

The third step are choose web hosting. Hosting or web hosting is a place where files and data needed by a website are stored and can be accessed and managed through the internet. Website files stored on hosting in the form of videos, images, emails, scripts, applications and databases.

Shared hosting is a type of hosting that you can find in almost all hosting services today. Shared hosting can be used by many users together on one server. Shared hosting can be likened to public transportation, such as buses or trains. All websites use the same resource that comes from one physical server. Shared hosting is an affordable option but also has pretty strict restrictions. These limits are set so that each user has the same online experience and does not abuse power.

Existing tools in shared hosting to create websites, such as:

• 1-click installer. Easily setup the most popular tools, such as e-commerce scripts, content management systems, blogging platforms, forum software, etc.

• Access manager. Sharing personal account information with other users when we are required to work with many people is very risky. So that we don’t need to share sensitive information, ‘grant’ access services by using an access manager.

• FTP / File manager. Ease of editing files, directories, codes using a web-based file manager. we will also use an FTP application, such as FileZilla.

• Weekly backup. Backup files and databases automatically through the control panel.

• Cache manager. Caching makes our website capable of bypassing various PHP requests by creating static pages. A fast website will make clients and visitors comfortable and happy. and other features.

The fourth step is to choose a platform. At this step is the step where the website creation process really starts. making a website that depends on the foundation that we built at the beginning of manufacture. Such foundations as ideas and topics that have been created previously also determine what our website will be like. in making a website there are usually 4 tools that are often used such as:

  1. Content Management System. The best choice for blogs and websites that publish various articles / content. WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal are three examples of CMS.
  2. E-commerce scripts. Judging from the name alone we already know that this software is used if we want to create an online store. Prestashop, Magento, and WooCommerce are examples of e-commerce scripts.
  3. Website builder. Tool that offers the convenience of making a website without having to know and master the programming language. Take advantage of the drag-and-drop interface that is equipped with various features
  4. Self-coded website. If we understand about web development, then creating a self-coded site is not an easy thing. Although the manufacturing process takes a lot of effort and time, we can run any features that are important for the development of the website

The final step should be to make a plan to develop our website. This does not mean that everything is finished, rather this fifth step is the first step to determine the quality of the website that we make. We must know things that can support the quality of our website to be developed such as know our niche. Determine the niche and the direction in which our website will be developed is one of the most important things that should not be done. Without careful planning, it can all seem futile and messy.

Some things to note:

  • Be aware of passion. If we do something wholeheartedly, the results obtained will be maximal. In addition, the opportunity for success in the future will also be wide open. For example, we like to read, creating a blog to review what books have been and are being read is a good first step towards success.
  • Evaluate the market. Seeing and knowing what people are often looking for on the internet can provide a general picture of the content / product that should be owned and developed. Use tools like Google Trends, KWFinder, and Answer The Public to see search terms and questions related to your niche.

• Looking for information about who your competitors are in your niche. Did we know that a competitor or competitor can be the biggest source of inspiration, especially if the competitor has a name in the field? From them, we can get an idea of ​​what our website will look like if it is managed and developed. In addition, most competitors offer affiliate programs that we can use to learn how to get new users.

• brainstorming unique ideas. Open the application document and write down all the ideas that come to mind, whether it feels strange or just normal. Creating a perfect and mature plan requires dedication and time, so pay close attention to the steps, no matter how small.

The best and maximum results will be obtained if we create a website about a topic or niche that we truly master. In this way, we are able to produce quality content and are continuously creative and creative.

Creating and developing a website is not easy. but all will be able to run if we continue to persevere diligently so that the website we make can be interesting and crowded by the user.

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