In the midst of intense competition, now more and more new YouTubers appear, but unfortunately not all YouTubers can succeed and make YouTube their career.

It should be noted that there are 2 types of youtube channels, namely:

1. Channels that already have names or many subscribers, usually because they have relationships with other famous artists / influencers / YouTubers, have good connections, or a lot of capital (paid promotion).

2. Channel built from zero, without capital, and without the slightest connection.

If you are the second type and are just starting your career in the YouTube world (0 subscribers) then this article is perfect for you. In this discussion, we will study how the new YouTube channel (0 subs) can crawl up to become a successful YouTuber.

Here are tips for becoming a YouTuber:

1. Video is content, and every content needs an audience

No matter how good the video you make is still useless if no one is watching, then how can we get viewers if our subscriber channel is still zero (0)?

The first thing you must do is determine who your audience is. People watch YouTube for various reasons but basically there are 2 goals they are looking for:

1. Entertainment = looking for entertainment, fun, and inspiration

2. Education = looking for something to learn, facts / news, and science

Of course you can build a channel that does both at the same time (entertain + educate), but it’s far better to focus on 1 goal first between whether you want content that is entertaining or educational. After all something that is entertaining can bring educational value, and vice versa something that is educational can be delivered in an entertaining way.

This way you will better understand who your target audience is and what they want. Interestingly, YouTube’s marketing world is not much different from marketing a blog. Angap video on a YouTube channel is the same as an article on a blog.

2. Build your subscriber channel naturally

The YouTube system itself is like a mixture of search engines and social media. We assume:

• YouTube search column as search engine / google

• Subscribers as friends / followers of social media

The first thing you need to focus on is building an audience / subscriber, because this subscriber can make you grow every day. How do you get a subscriber quickly?

Here are some of the fastest ways to bring in subscribers:

– Make quality videos

Maybe you have also had enough of hearing cliches like this “quality, quality, and bla.bla.bla.” quality (engaging) that will win.

– Make something relevant to the audience

As said in point no. 1, if you understand who your audience is, then make something that “they are looking for”, “they need”, and indeed “they want to watch”.

– Optimization of titles and thumbnail images as best as possible

Some new YouTubers consider trivial things like this even though the effect is very influential. For those who have no audience at all, then the title and thumbnail are the only way your video can get a chance to be seen. Before people watch your video, they only see a title and picture on your video, if they don’t click on the link / video then you will never get a chance to be watched by anyone.

3. Start from your social circle and don’t use black-hat techniques

Obviously the best way to get an audience (especially when you first start) is to distribute your content to friends or your closest social circle whether it’s on social media like Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Line / etc. Never spam social media / forums because YouTube hates spam (especially from social media), there is a high possibility that your account will be banned if it violates this provision.

Let the audience come naturally (white-hat) even though it will take a long time, but that is indeed the way. Almost all successful YouTubers need at least 1 year until they start getting traffic / subscribers and subscribers little by little. Consistency to grow slowly is far better, than for a momentary traffic explosion that just disappears quickly.

Collaborate with your friends or other YouTubers

If possible do colab / collaboration with other YouTubers, it’s okay even though they don’t have many subscriber or even zero subs, the main purpose of collaboration is mutualism in a content, of course it will be much faster if you can collaborate with more famous YouTubers, but in essence, a collaboration aims to enrich the content / video that also indirectly has the potential to bring new subscribers.

Reply to comments on your videos and also comment on other YouTube videos

This is a very simple thing, super successful Youtubers also initially do this. They reply to every comment on the video, and they also leave comments on other people’s YouTube videos (but don’t spamming). This way you can build positive interactions with the audience and other Youtubers.

4. Optimize the appearance and description of your YouTube channel

If you look at all the points above, it turns out that marketing a YouTube channel is the same principle as marketing a blog.

• Determine the content / video the same as determining the niche blog.

• Making quality videos is the same as making quality articles.

• Collaboration with other YouTubers is the same as guest posting.

• Comment on other YouTube channels just like blogwalking.

5. Understand the YouTube algorithm well and play according to the rules

As said before, now is the era of engagement, whether you play on search engines (SEO), social media, including YouTube, those who win are those whose content is far more engaging / interesting than others.

Remember YouTube is a business, they want users to spend a lot of time on their platforms, so they are diligent in promoting channels (recommended videos / channels) that can make viewers spend a lot of time visiting (watching time) on the channel.

6. Views quality> quantity of views

You don’t need millions of views to get a good ranking, sometimes with 1,000-2,000 views as long as quality (users watch> 50% duration of content) your video can get 1-3 ranking in the search results for a keyword, therefore your first 1,000 subscribers are your best investor.

Without them (1,000 first subscriber), most likely your channel will not go anywhere, after you get thousands of subscribers, you can even focus more on video quality because this subscriber will automatically help promote your videos.

7. Receive feedback from your audience

Some people will comment on your video, some will be trolling (please ignore), some will be negative, and others will build up.

Accept all of this feedback to improve your next content, whether positive or negative, having someone criticize or correct your work is far better than no one commenting at all. That’s a sign they still care and attention with your works.

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