How Big is The Benefits of Robotic Technology for Human Life

Hello guys, now we will discuss about the benefits of robotic technology for human life.

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              In this modern era of industrialization, all activities related to humans have been transformed from the traditional one which starts to move gradually towards the modern. Robotic machines whose growth is rapidly developing basically helps humans in their daily activities. The use of robots can help human activities or work to be efficient in completion time, and reduce the level of risk of work accidents. Some human jobs that often use robotic machines are categorized as difficult, dangerous and boring because they require a high level of accuracy (Robot versus human, 2009).

              Currently, robots have been used as machines that have high automation, having a very important role for humans to use in jobs that are considered very important. Therefore, many companies create and use robots in everything. Some robots are created with various specifications based on needs. These needs can include household, industrial, military, agricultural, marine needs etc. (10 things that cannot be done by humans in 2011). Even so, the robot itself still requires human interaction in its operations. From this, a new paradigm emerged about how to design an interaction system between humans and ergonomic robots (Karwowski 1990). According to Karwowski  (1990), the system of interaction between humans and robots is largely determined by human aspects in achieving success.

              The success of the system is the creation of an efficient system in productivity and safety in the system. Therefore, every system design interaction between humans and robotic machines needs to consider the human aspect. Some evidence that the manufacturing industry does not consider human aspects in the design of operating machines, especially robots, results in a lack of efficiency in processing time and a reduced level of productivity. From this evidence, it is clear that consideration of human aspects in the design of an integrated human-machine system will improve human performance in their work. In addition, interactions between humans and machines have a role in the creation of robot machines that help service work in daily life, for example the creation of robots as household assistants capable of replacing everyday human work.  

              Based on the explanation above, it can be said that the development of robots has begun to develop rapidly. As proof, we will explain some examples of cases of the benefits of using robots such as in industry and also used for household purposes. The term robot is certainly not a strange term in life. Robot is a product of modern technology that can have a positive impact with special programs to be able to move or work alone and can also be with full control of humans. Robots in various films have always depicted a machine made in the future that feels still very far away. In fact, now the robot era which is very useful in human life has begun. Various kinds of robots have a very clear function and even there are many activities that really require the presence of a robot. 

              Well in the life of robotic is very important guys, because there are several functions of the robot itself, including in the fields of industry, entertainment, and can even be useful in a household assistant.

That was about the importance of robots for human life yes guys

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