What is a Hologram? Hologram is a photographic technology that records the light scattered from an object and then presents it in a 3-dimensional form. We can see these 3-dimensional images up to 360 degrees and can move with animation and sound, so that they can convey information both in real time and not. This cool technology is being developed to help humans in the communication process. 

History of Holographic Technology
One of these optical engineering technologies has actually been developed since the late 1940s by Hungarian physicist named Dennis Gabor. Dennis received the Nobel Prize in physics in 1971 for his work in the discovery and development of holographic methods (The science and practice of making holograms). Gabor accidentally discovered this holographic technique in his research efforts on the development of electron microscopy, and then his research became the foundation of modern holography. And 3-dimensional static holograms were first produced in the 1960s after laser beams were discovered by a Soviet scientist named Yuri Denisyuk.
Types of Holograms 
- Hologram seal / seal that hologram can be damaged can be removed from the place attached. 
- Label hologram that is the hologram will not be damaged when removed from the stick. 
- 3D hologram. 

 Hologram Strength 
- Direct communication without limits because distance constraints can be overcome easily. 
- Simplify the mass media, especially electronic mass media in conveying information.
- More interesting compared to 3D, teleconference or videoconference because users feel like communicating directly so that communication becomes more alive. 

 Lack of Holograms 
- People will be lazy to bother because it has been spoiled by this technology.
- Easy manipulation by irresponsible parties, so there can be no crime and fraud due to using fake objects.  People can commit the crime of stealing confidential data without having to come to the data store directly.  Parents will lose their private time with children because they would prefer to use the time by doing as many activities as possible.

How it Works Holograms 
This system uses Holographic Laser Projection (HLP) projection and infrared sensors to create screens that support multi-touch gestures. Like the iPhone screen, you can play games on it, watch videos, view photos, browse the internet with your fingers.

 An input / output device which is currently beginning to develop in an increasingly mushrooming world of technology is the Hologram. Holograms are an advanced form of photography technology that allows images to be recorded in three dimensions. This hologram can really be seen through various angles, because the condition is real 360 degrees. Hologram technology has actually been widely introduced through shows in various films. However, these shows did not immediately introduce this technology to the general public. Nevertheless, Hologram technology has actually begun to be used and developed so that all levels of society can use and utilize the technology for daily life. Holograms that began to develop in society can display models of humans and objects with a 360 degree perspective that looks very real. By utilizing this technology, the model will be displayed prominently. Not only display, but this technology can display visualization as it really is, along with movements that follow the example of the actual model. 
This Hologram technology has been applied to televisions that use the 3D Hologram system. The latest television technology makes the pictures and displays on the screen as if it came out of the screen and become real. This will be seen when the audience watches with certain glasses. This holographic technology allows humans as spectators to feel the real picture of what they see, become more alive, and seem to be in one room. Images and models on the screen are processed into holographic pixel data by the system inside the computer and the system will send a signal with two lasers. The results of the shipment will be recorded and rewritten. During the process, the two combined charts emitted will create patterns according to the model using the interference of bright and dark light, so that 3D images will be reconstructed by firing light with other types. The development of this holographic technology is further refined by the deeper use of 3D technology in daily life. day. Humans can watch 3D content on film and television, digital cameras, and videos. Predicted in a very short time, 3D Hologram technology will penetrate into the world of cellular phones. Scientists are trying to perfect video chat into holographic chat or "3-D telepresence". This technique utilizes a beam of light from an object and rearranges it into an image of the object, similar to the technique our eyes use to describe what we see.

The function of 3D Hologram is able to be used to send or present an object or even a human without having to be brought directly. Objects or humans that are presented are also in 3D, so it looks real. The principle works is to record what we want to convey, namely a model and patterns listed in the model, the pattern is processed using this holographic technology. After data processing occurs, objects or models that have been recorded will be able to be present without having to be imported directly. This technology was once used by Prince Charles when giving speeches / lectures at a conference. Prince Charles attended the conference but did not actually come to the forum. The Prince attended by using 3D Hologram technology. This 3D Hologram technology was created and developed by the Musion System company, driven by Ian O'Connell in the UK. The development of this technology also spread to other companies such as Adidas, Honda, Nokia, Tata Nano, Al Gore, Sir Alex Ferguson who also began to look at this technology and use his services to be applied to the output products. 
3D Hologram technology is very helpful for various human needs today. Busyness and high community mobility can be overcome with this technology. In addition to the case examples experienced by Prince Charles above, 3D Hologram technology has also been utilized by humans in other parts of the world. In Korea, this technology is also used by a shop owner to attract the attention of buyers. By using this, shop owners display a female model who fills their shop displays. It aims to attract buyers and visitors to want to visit the store and at the same time buy products that are offered there. Utilization of 3D Holograms is still relatively rare in Indonesia.
Besides in the commercial world, 3D Hologram technology has also been utilized by the health world. This technology is used to check the patient's overall health without having to bring patients to the hospital or check room. This technology can also be used to treat family homesickness to other family members, and happens to be away from them. By using 3D Hologram technology, family members can be present in the middle of the family, treating the feeling of longing without having to come so as to save time traveling to the place. 3D Holograms also really help humans in the world of education. If in the old days students and teachers who taught had to meet face to face and be present in one room, through this technology, the teaching and learning process can still take place without having to be present in class.

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