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he history of Go-Jek
Go-Jek or better known by the name Gojek feels like it’s already a common sight in the streets of the capital. Yes, a bright green jacket and helmet with great Go-Jek writing makes this service easy to spot.

GO-Jek was born from the idea of the CEO and Managing Director Nadiem Makarim who claimed a ojek user. Ojek, which is a vehicle for two-wheeled motor is a very effective transportation for mobility in the city congestion.

With his experience when riding a motorcycle taxi in the traffic jam, he then created Go-Jek, a shuttle service with a modern-based Ojek. PT Go-Jek Indonesia has been through its journey since 2011 now has a fleet of 1,000 motorcycle taxis scattered throughout the Jabodetabek area.

“Customer complaints are most located in South Jakarta and central areas. We are often overwhelmed to fulfill the demand with existing fleet, “he said as quoted from merdeka.com (source).

With this rapid development, Go-Jek has been reaping the achievement of the 1st place in the Global Entrepreneurship Program (GEPI) business competition in Bali. In addition, Go-Jek has gained various awards from various business and social communities.

On the official site mentioned that Go-Jek service is as follows:

Courier Service (90 minute delivery anywhere in the city),
Transparent pricing, free shower cap and mask,
Food delivery service (delivering your favorite food under 60 Minutes in Jabodetabek),
Shopping services with nominal under 1 million rupiah (shop for food, ticket, medicine, anything under Rp 1 million. We’ll pay for it first).

Some of the testimonials of Go-Jek users can be drawn one of the same conclusions that they are very satisfied with the same reasons: clear and transparent tariff in addition to the system of course that accommodates the modern lifestyle today is the use of Technology. Prospective users simply install the Go-Jek app on their smartphone to then make a booking while monitoring the order status.

GO-JEK is an Indonesian transportation company that serves transportation through the service of Ojek. The company was founded in the year 2010 in Jakarta by Nadiem Makarim. The GO-JEK service is available in almost all parts of INdonesia. As of January 2020, the GO-JEK app has been downloaded for almost 50 million times on Google Play on the Android operating system. It is currently also available for iOS, in the App Store.

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