Asus names may have sounded very familiar within the ears of computer users including my homeland as its loyal users. Taiwanese company to believe innovation to develop and get older to become an economic giant because it is now. Here’s a touch story about one among the renowned pioneer within the computer world.

A brief History

Asus tale begins in 1989, when four computer engineers, namely Wayne Hsieh, Ted Hsu, MT Liao and TH Tung intends to determine a replacement company to market the IT industry in Taiwan. The name they chose was “Pegasus” is taken from the name for the mythical creatures of Greek origin. On development, the name was shortened to “Asus” so as to seem at the start of the sequence corresponding alphabet.

In contrast to today, when it had been Asus who is predicated during a small apartment in Taipei, Taiwan, engaged in computer consulting and homemade produce hardware because it is today. However, after successfully making and selling motherboards for Intel processors 486 at the top of the last decade of the 80s, the corporate began to consider hardware construction.

Along the way, companies began to “go public” in 2005 is growing sooner . Asus motherboard installed in 29.2% of desktop computers sold during the year 2009. within the same year Asus posted revenues worth USD21,2 billion. To streamline the company’s performance, in 2007 Asus divide themselves into three different companies, namely Pegatron (focusing on the assembly of components of PC and device OEMs), Unihan (manufacturing non-PC devices), also as Asus own concentrate fully on the assembly of notebooks and computer systems intact.

Glance Asus Product Story

For decades within the business of hardware , Asus has spawned a good range of products. At this moment, there are dozens of sorts of motherboards available. to not mention if counting the opposite product types. Overall, Asus makes motherboards, graphics cards, notebooks, netbooks, servers and workstation networking products, monitors, multimedia products, optical storage, peripherals, and computer accessories

Asus also had to form some CPU coolers, like the Arctic Square series dedicated to the platform and therefore the LGA 775 socket AM2 this.

Lately, Asus diligent about creating mobile device innovation. In these fields, one among the foremost iconic products is that the Asus Eee PC, a transportable computer with a smaller physical size and lighter weight than regular notebook called “netbooks”. The term “netbook” itself previously been employed by one manufacturer of mobile devices from the us . However, in its development, this term became common term and commonly wont to ask a category of mobile devices Asus Eee PC was first introduced in 2007. Shortly after the looks of the Eee PC, many other manufacturers imitate asus and produce similar devices.

The first generation Eee PC is provided with a Celeron 800 MHz processor, 512 MB memory, non-volatile storage for storage of two GB, also as a Linux-based OS.

Asus also manufactures mobile phones, including smartphones branded Garmin-Asus created in cooperation with the manufacturers of GPS devices, Garmin.

The development of artificial hardware Asus also continues to travel hand in hand with the event of mobile devices. In 2006, Asus introduced a series of motherboards “Republic of Gamers” are specifically intended for video game players. Motherboard line is provided with various features of the Asus when it is best , like support for multi-GPU configurations, SupremeFX sound card, heatpipe cooling system, and high overclocking capability.
Striker Extreme, a Republic of Gamers series of motherboards from Asus first.
Series motherboards are the newest Republic of Gamers Rampage III Black Edition is that the Intel X58 chipset that supports the fastest desktop processors today. Asus also stays au courant mainstream motherboards and provides an appropriate platform for contemporary CPUs, including the series Sandy Bridge processors from Intel.
P8Z68-V Pro, Asus motherboard with Intel’s latest chipsets: Z68.

In addition to the motherboard, one sort of component being a specialty hardware Asus graphics card. within the mid-1990s, the corporate introduced a series of graphics cards supported graphics chips from ATI 3D Rage. then , came the Asus graphics card that uses graphics chips from other manufacturers, namely NVIDIA, which was starting to rise when it’s . Asus graphics card line continues to this . Other products, too, like notebooks, network peripherals, optical drive, up to netbooks and smart phones being developed by Asus.

Graphics card Asus ATI based 3D Rage II with PCI interface (top) and NVIDIA Riva 128 with AGP interface (below), appeared within the last half of the 90s.

Until now, Asus continues to form a graphics card with ATI chipset (AMD) and NVIDIA. Some special features, like voltage tweak that permits modification of the worth of the voltage and HSF DirectCU which has better heat transfer capabilities HSF dar usual, even be applied within the ranks of high-end graphics card manufacturer’s artificial. Asus also made some graphics card “special edition”, are like Mars and Ares series is provided with the fastest graphics chip on his time.
Asus Ares, graphics card with two Radeon HD 5870 GPU.

And to “game series” Asus didn’t want to miss with other major vendors. one among the foremost popular today is that the product Laptop Game Series “ROG” named ASUS Lamborghini VX7. The name was inspired by none other Lamborghini sports car maker that exist within the creation of a really phenomenal supercar. The Lamborghini frills also intends to publish the PC game lovers, that this is often a laptop Serie VX7 one heart to the audience of PC gaming world. From the corners of the zoom VX7 does look elegant and provides a solid impression of the Lamborghini logo and shape of the laptop itself that tends to be almost like the one output phenomenal car Lamborghini.

ASUS also produces a spread of components for other companies like Dell, Falcon Northwest, Hewlett-Packard and Apple. Companies based in Beitou District, Taipei, Taiwan is additionally often collaborate with other companies to extend the worth of their brands, like the Lamborghini, Samsung and founder technology. one among the foremost phenomenal asus product is PhysX accelerator card that was released in September 2005 and Eee PC netbooks in 2008 went on to become the simplest products within the Asian version of Forbes.

ASUS also give attention to environmental issues. In 2000 the program GREEN ASUS ASUS campaign that has green design, green procurement, green manufacturing and green service and marketing. along side Intel and Tsann Kuen Enterprise Co., ASUS launched the PC Recycling for a Brighter Future and managed to gather 1,200 PCs, notebooks and monitors are then recycled to donate to 122 elementary and junior high school schools in five different communities.

A few glimpses a bit of the history of 1 of the leading computer companies until today still exist and so far in launching quality products and ranked first globally as a tool with no.1 quality within the computer world.

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