After 8 years of accompanying the players, the game Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) managed to set a new record. Since it was launched last September 2013, this game has sold 160 million copy. This figure makes GTA V the second best-selling game in history. Until now, the title of best-selling game is still held by Minecraft with a total of 200 million copies of the game that have been sold.

The great achievements achieved by GTA V were announced through a report released by Take Two, the company that oversees the developer of the popular game series GTA series. Take Two claims that GTA V is one of the fastest games to score $1 billion in revenue.

Overall, the Grand Theft Auto game series has reportedly sold 370 million game copies. By comparison, all Pokemon game franchises sold have surpassed 380 million copies.

GTA V is considered as one of the most successful game series because it is able to present interesting content and exciting gameplay. Take Two claims that GTA V is one of the first games to carry the open-world concept. The breadth of the map (map) and the various missions provided, players can explore and experiment with various elements available in the game.

The popularity achieved by GTA V never goes out thanks to the presence of GTA Online. This multiplayer game was first introduced as an expansion of GTA V.

The exact title of the game that will be carried is not stated, but it is possible that the follow-up game will carry the title of GTA 6 or GTA VI.

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