Grab Wheels is an electric scooter rental service, aka e-scooters for short distance travel. This service was first launched at The Breeze, BSD, Tangerang on May 9, 2019. Currently Grab Wheels can be enjoyed at The Breeze BSD, Terminal 3 of Soekarno Hatta Airport, Bintaro Exchange, Faculty of Engineering, University of Indonesia and Lippo Village. There are approximately 300 Grab Wheels units scattered in these locations.

“We launched Grab Wheels as a personal mobility device solution that offers a convenient yet affordable green (eco-friendly) electric scooter to reduce the number of vehicles on the road,” said Vishnu Mahmud, Corporate Communications Lead Grab Indonesia.

To use Grab Wheels, users simply download the Grab Wheels app and buy subscriptions or top up their OVO balance.

After that, users can search for Grab Wheels parking locations in the application. After finding Grab Wheels, scan the QR code of one of the scooters to open the lock. In the later application the scooter battery level will be written. After that the user can directly use the transportation.

What’s So Special About This Electronic Scooter?

Grab Wheels give users a different sensation when driving because of how to use it that is very easy. Users only need to ride a scooter and push once using one leg. After that the user can add speed simply by pressing the green button on the right handlebar steering.

To stop slowly, the user can press the red button on the right or by stepping on the foot brake to stop quickly. After completion, the user is required to return the scooter to the Grab Wheels parking location. Don’t forget to scan the QR code at the Grab Wheels parking location so the application can confirm that you have returned the scooter to the correct. place.

Can Only be Used in Certain Locations

If the user drives it out of the service area, the Grab Wheels unit will be deactivated because these e-scooters can only be used in one Grab Wheels parking area to another parking point, aka point to point. For safety, the user is also provided with a helmet as a protection device when driving.

Grab Wheels rental rates are based on rental duration. Users are prohibited from riding Grab Wheels on public roads. In addition, if the user leaves the Grab Wheels unit in any place, the user will be fined Rp 300,000.

Grab Wheels Electronic Scooters Launched at Terminal 3

The Grab Wheels electric scooter at Airport Terminal 3 Soekarno-Hatta Airport was officially launched on Friday (31/05/2019).

Terminal 3 is the largest aircraft passenger terminal in Indonesia, covering an area of ​​around 422.00 square meters. Therefore the presence of personal transportation such as electric scooters certainly greatly helps the mobility of passengers there.

“Grab Wheels electric scooters are very helpful to passengers there,” AP II President Director Muhammad Awaluddin said while attending the launch of Grab Wheels.

He also said, the presence of Grab Wheels increasingly complemented the choice of short-distance transportation, especially in Terminal 3. In addition, Awaluddin added, with the presence of the facility, it was further confirmed that Terminal 3 was the first digital airport in Indonesia.

Meanwhile, President of Grab Indonesia Ridzki Kramadibrata revealed, his party was very pleased to be able to work with PT Angkasa Pura 2 to bring Grab Wheels.

Just for information, the use of application-based electric scooters has become a lifestyle in big cities in the world such as America, Europe, and even Singapore.

For the initial stage, innovations which are the result of collaboration between PT Angkasa Pura II and Grab Indonesia are only available as many as 20 units in Terminal 3 Domestic Arrivals. Going forward, it is planned that the airport facilities will also be provided at Terminal 3 International and Domestic, both arrival and departure.

Regarding tariffs, until June 2019 Grab Wheels can be used free of charge. After that there will be a tariff entry, which is Rp 5,000 per 30 minutes, which can be paid through the Grab application.

In Terminal 3, there will be an area for parking points with an area of ​​eight square meters with a capacity of 10 Grab Wheels units. Passengers who want to use the Grab Wheels service can start from the parking point. When finished, passengers can return the Grab Wheels at the other parking point.

For safety reasons, each Grab Wheels unit can only be driven at a maximum speed of 10 kilometers per hour.


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