Hello guys, this article will discuss the history of the founding of Google.

Who don’t know Google. Of course guys all cyber surfers must be very familiar with this Google Om. Google is very famous guys with a search engine in the jungles of cyberspace. All you need to do is type in the desired password then Om Google will track and search for any information you want.

Ok, see the article below guys about Google’s History

Google with two “o” is also unique, because if the search results data is found, the number of “o” will appear as much as the Web obtained by search engines.

The word Google comes from the word Google. The word was coined by Milton Sirotta, Ponakan Edward Kasner, a mathematician from the US. Sirotta made the term Googlo to mention the number 1 (one) followed by 100 numbers 0 (zero), Therefore the use of the word Google is a reflection of the word Googlo. But did you guys know that Google is not only unique in origin? Google also has a unique historical background. Google was born from a meeting of two young men who happened accidentally in 1995. Larry Page, an alumnus of the University of Michigan (24), who was enjoying a weekend visit, was accidentally reunited with Sergey Brin, a student (23) who was assigned to take Lary around.

During the accidental meeting, the two Google founders were often involved in lengthy discussions. Both have different opinions and views so often involved in debate. However, their differences of thought actually resulted in a unique approach to solving one of the biggest challenges in the computer world. Namely, the problem of how to recover data from massive data sets.

In January 1996, Larry and Sergey began collaborating in the creation of a search engine called BackRub. A year later their unique approach to network analysis raised the reputation of BackRub. The news about the new search engine technique instantly spread throughout the campus.

Larry and Sergey continued to perfect Google technology throughout early 1998. Both also began to look for investors to develop Google’s technological sophistication.

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Tit for tat. They got an injection of funds from campus friend Andy Bechtolsheim, who is the founder of Sun Microsystems. Their meeting took place early in the morning on the porch of the Stanford faculty student dormitory, in Palo Alto. Larry and Sergey gave a short demo because Andy did not have enough time.Through the demo, Andy agreed to provide financial assistance in the form of a check worth 100 thousand US dollars. Unfortunately, the check was written in the name of the Google company. Yet at that time a company called Google had not yet been founded by Sergey and Larry.

Andy’s investment is a dilemma. Larry and Sergey would not be able to present checks as long as there is no legal institution called the Google company. Therefore, the two founders of Google are back to work hard in finding investments. They looked for donors from family, friends and colleagues until finally around 1 million dollars were collected. And finally, the Google company was founded on Sept. 7, 1998 and was officially opened in Menlo Park, California.

Google’s mission is, “to gather world information and make it universally accessible and useful.” Google’s philosophy includes slogans such as “Don`t be evil”, and “Work should be upfront and the challenge should be fun”, illustrating the relaxed corporate culture.Google is currently the number one company ranked in the top 100 most popular companies in America, with a number of employees around 10 thousand people.

That was the history from Google, guys. May be useful.

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