Google introduced a new brand (rebranding) for the advertising platform. If previously called “Google AdWords”, it is now simpler with the nickname “Google Ads”.

At the same time, Google also launched two other platforms to enhance the business experience in promoting products and services via the search engine giant. Each is “Google Marketing Platform” and “Google Ad Manager”.

“Through this rebranding, Google demonstrates its commitment to provide ease in delivering valuable and reliable advertising, as well as the best experience for consumers in various devices and channels,” as stated in a press statement quoted by Decdeg.

To understand more deeply what’s three Google advertising software, here’s the description.

Google Ads provides a more complete capability for advertisers to promote their products on sites and other properties, including partner sites and apps.

That way, advertisers can connect with more people everyday using Search, YouTube, Maps, etc. More details, you can check here. In the meantime, Google Marketing Platform incorporates the previously separate “DoubleClick” and “Google Analytics 360” tools.

This collaboration helps advertisers plan, buy, measure, and optimize the right digital media for their target market, in one place.

As part of the Google Marketing Platform, Google also introduced “Display & Video 360” which provides all the features of “DoubleClick Bid Manager”, “Campaign Manager”, and “Studio & Audience Center”.

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As a result, creative teams, agencies, and media can collaborate on an end-to-end advertising campaign on a single platform.

Finally, Google Ad Manager becomes a unified platform to facilitate ad content across devices and mediums. This software was brewed for the last three years to make the advertising business easier and more efficient. More can be checked through this site.

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