Google Nest Hub Max is a 10-inch smart device that fits perfectly in the kitchen. Just for $230 you can get your Nest Hub Max for your kitchen to make your cooking more enjoyable by reading recipes and playing YouTube Videos, also while controlling and monitoring your smart devices.


Google Nest Hub Max design is not as big as its name, it has a slim and simple figure with 10-inch display. Nest Hub Max is basically a tablet with base made of fabric. The overall figure is a smart device with stylish and modern frame.

The Nest Hub Max has 1280 x 800 display that looks bright and perfect to watch YouTube videos or as a digital photo frame. More impressive thing that it has is its Ambient EQ technology.

Ambient EQ use a light sensor on the top of the screen to scan ambient light to match the light and colors in the room. Nest Hub Max blends to its surrounding with Ambient EQ enabled. It is like the photo on the device is a physical photo rather than an image from an LCD screen. If you turn off your light, the device will turn to a night mode.

Beside the Ambient EQ, the top of the display also has a 5.6MP camera, which can act as a Nest security camera if you connect the light sensor and camera with far-field microphone. You can also disable the camera and microphone using a switch near the top of the display, even though there is no physical lens cover. If the camera is in use, the green light will flashes.

On the back of the Nest Hub Mac is a power port for 30-watt power adapter. Although you can pair a Bluetooth speaker to the display, they still give you a 3.5mm audio jack to attach a speaker. On the base also have a pair of 18mm tweeters and a 75mm woofer.


Before you can use Google Nest Hub Max, there are several steps to do. The first step is download the Google Home app to your phone and use it to discover Nest Hub Max. After they are connected you can also connect your wifi to the Nest Hub Max and activate the Face Match, linking to music and turn on the Ambient.

One of the important thing to do to the Nest Hub Max is to make sure your privacy is secure. You need to know what are the information collected by the device, what data it might give to third party, and when the camera and microphone might recording you. Maybe it sounds a bit complicated, but this is a necessary step to make sure the integrity of your privacy.

The Google Home app can help you with one of the feature called Live Albums that can display a slideshow of your relatives photos. It also can keeps the album updated every time you add new photos to the album.

Google Assistant

After you completed the setup, you can start chatting with Google Assistant. Don’t forget to enable Face Match and Voice Match after scanning your face so the Nest Hub Max can recognize you, allowing you to make the use of Google Assistant.

Maybe given a weather forecast or various snarls in the morning by Google Assistant is to ordinary for some of you. Google Assistant now can gives you more interesting services such as search-result pages when you ask something. When you first come to the kitchen in the morning, it will gives you your schedule, the weather, your appointments, news according to your interest and other things.

If you put the Nest Hub Max in your kitchen, Google Assistant can gives you recipes from the web, read the ingredients for you one by one, and then guide you through all the steps to complete your cooking. Or if you prefer reading the recipes, it will display them on the screen that big enough for you to read from behind the kitchen counter.

Smart home and Nest capabilities

Google Assistant now supports in more than 30 thousand smart gadgets, and Google have a Nest series such as cameras, doorbells, lights and even thermostat that connect with Google Assistant.

The Nest Hub Max has built-in camera that can be used as a Nest Security camera so you can monitoring your home while you are out. It has 127 degree field of view, the Nest Hub Max camera can send audio and video to the Google Home app.

If you sign up for a Nest Aware, you can keep a five to 30 days video history. It also can sent you alerts if it spots someone it doesn’t recognize. That is a pretty neat bonus for you who is already equip your home with smart security devices.

Starting next year, Nest Aware will offer you new feature to keeps your security around your house by stand by if it hears any suspicious sound such as breaking glass, barking or alarms.

UI and gestures

If you have various smart gadgets around your house, you can overview your rooms by swipe down from the top of the screen, you can tap a light to turn it on or off or just to adjust its brightness, or set up the volume on your smart speaker.

You can access basic settings such as screen brightness and volume, enable or disable the camera, and turn on the “do not disturb” mode by swiping up from the bottom of the display. If you swipe left from the right side of the display, you can see Google Assistant choice of the day such as news headlines and YouTube or Spotify recommendations. The Nest Hub Max also supports Quick Gestures if you turn on the camera.

The Nest Hub Max also supports Google Duo video calls. With the wide range of the camera, it can following you around the room. You can call your Home Mini or Nest Mini speakers in your house to give it instructions or send a broadcast message.

Last Words

With Google Assistant, Ambient EQ display technology, a built-in Nest camera, and impressive sound, the $230 Google Nest Hub Max makes a great must have device. If you’re looking for a helpful, hands-free digital assistant in your kitchen that doubles as a TV and even keeps an eye on your home while you’re away, the Nest Hub Max is tough to beat. That said, the equally compelling 10-inch Amazon Echo Show will surely tempt Alexa aficionados, particularly those committed to third-party smart home gadgets outside of Google’s Nest ecosystem.

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