Google’s company, closes 2021 on a green report card. The reason is, Alphabet is reported to have made a lot of money thanks to advertising services on Google Search and YouTube search engines. According to the report for the fourth quarter of 2021 which ended on December 31, 2021, Alphabet managed to record revenues of 75.3 billion US dollars. This figure reflects a year-over-year (YoY) increase of 32 percent. From this revenue, Google’s managed to gain a profit of 20.6 billion US dollars, growing by around 26 percent YoY.

In the same period in 2020, Alphabet recorded a profit of 15.2 billion US dollars. Overall, Alphabet’s revenue in the fourth quarter of 2021 is reported to meet parent Google’s annual revenue for 2021 to 257 billion US dollars. Revenue in 2021 is predicted to be the highest income Alphabet has ever achieved so far. Previously, the highest annual revenue in Alphabet’s history was achieved in 2020, when its annual revenue for 2020 reached 182.5 billion US dollars

thanks to Google Search and YouTube Ads to become “Crazy Rich”

Alphabet’s bright business performance in the fourth quarter of 2021 was boosted by the increase in revenue from various lines of the company’s business, especially in Google advertising services or also known as Google Advertising. In the revenue breakdown for the fourth quarter of 2021, the Google Advestising business recorded revenues of 61.2 billion US dollars.

While ads originating from YouTube ads and Google Network, respectively, collected revenue of 8.6 billion US dollars (about 11.4 trillion) and 9.3 billion US dollars, respectively.

In addition to Google Advertising, Alphabet’s revenue also includes the Google Cloud business line and other Google services. In this period, both of them scored 13.6 billion US dollars in revenue

“Crazy Rich” stay lucky in the middle of a lawsuit

Alphabet’s green report card this time was achieved in the midst of various lawsuits that the company is currently facing. Alphabet itself is at least facing regulatory scrutiny and a number of lawsuits being filed, from both federal and state attorneys general. The reason is that the technology giant company based in Mountain View, California, USA, is considered to be using its power to monopolize and kill competition in the market.

Currently, regulators and prosecutors are reportedly investigating the business practices of all products made by Google, from the Google Play Store application store to the Android operating system (OS), which is said to be the most dominant mobile OS in the world. The US Department of Justice also accused Google of blocking competing search engines from becoming the default search option on phones running Android OS.Alphabet is also reportedly facing two other lawsuits filed by the group of US state attorneys general.

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