Google announced that its e-mail service, Gmail, will be updated with Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) technology. this is new innovation from gmail for gmail user.

AMP is a Google technology used to “lighten” the website so that it can be loaded faster through mobile devices. Thus, Gmail users will be able to browse from directly from the e-mail inbox in gmail user interface.

In addition, because the framework AMP is open (open source), third-party developers can freely develop a variety of new functions related to the ability to browse.


By opening e-mails from Pinterest, for example, Gmail users can view various posts and then click to see more details. Similar to what can be done on the pinterest website itself, but this is done directly from the Gmail inbox.

“Imagine if you can accomplish the tasks directly in e-mail, with AMP for e-mail (Gmail) you can make reservations at an event, or fill out a questionnaire directly from e-mail,” wrote Aakash Sahney, Product Manager of Gmail, in a blog post.

Sahney gives an illustration of what capabilities that can be done in Gmail thanks to the presence of AMP. He said it has worked with companies such as, Doodle and Pinterest to develop new Gmail features based on AMP.

Application developers can now get a preview of AMP for Gmail by first signing up via Google. AMP’s own support plan will only be implemented in Gmail later this year.

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