GitHub android

After the previous November was launched for iOS devices, now the beta version of the GitHub application was launched for Android-based devices.

Those who have registered to get the open source software repository service provider application will get an email with a link to download the GitHub application on an Android device.

The beta version of the GitHub application presents a dashboard with simple menus that make it easy for users. Starting from the summary display of open issues, pull requests, and others.

In addition, in the beta version of the GitHub application, users are given the freedom to embed repositories that they often access.

In each repository, users can do many things, from reading README to writing comments and reactions.

However, unfortunately the user cannot open the code in the repository. Instead, this application provides a code viewer that displays the code in the repository in a limited manner.

It is not yet known when the final version of the GitHub application will be launched. Given the relatively long time span between launching beta applications on iOS and Android, it’s likely that the final version of the app will not be released in the near future either.

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