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            Virtual Reality Technology Greets Hollywood Films The use of CGI has stretched for a long time in the world of cinema. Two films which became the initial benchmark for the use of CGi are Westworld and Futureworld. Westworld is a 1973 film that first made use of 2D animation for the film. While Futureworld, a film made in 1976, was recorded as the first film to use 3D effects. In the film, Ed Catmull and Fred Parke from the University of Utah, successfully created “fake” hands and faces. In the book titled “Advanced RenderMan: Creating CGI for Motion Pictures” written by Anthony A. Apodaca, there are at least two other films that are a significant milestone in the use of computer visual effects in the film world. The film included “Tron,” a film made by Disney studio in 1982 and “The Last Starfighter,” a film made by Universal Studios in 1984. Unfortunately, both films failed on the market. The success story of using computer visual effects finally came in 1989 with the appearance of “The Abyss.” James Cameron’s film, successfully brought Oscar in the category of “Best Visual Effect.” Visual effects in the film, done by a visual effect production house called Industrial Light and Magic. In the world of film, Industrial Light and Magic, has quite an impressive trail working on visual effects. Visual effects on blockbuster movie titles such as Back To The Future, Rogue One: A Star War Story, Captain America: Civil War, The Martian, and The Revenant, worked on by the company. One other film that became an important CGI achievement point in the film world was an animated film titled “Toy Story” which was released in 1995. Toy Story, is the first full-length CGI-strength animated film.

            Stacey Abbot in his journal entitled “Final Frontiers: Computer-Generated Imagery and the Science Fiction Film” quoted a list made by SFX magazine in 2005, revealing that the majority of films that utilize computer visual effects are science fiction-themed films. Abbot, quoting Annette Kuhn, a researcher who focuses on film themes, revealed that the reason for many science fiction-themed films utilizing computer visual effects is because such films are required to present futuristic narratives. “The use of computer visual effects in science fiction films because the films themselves generally present the imagination of the future of technology,” Kuhn was quoted as saying by Abbot. What was revealed by Abbot, in line with what was written by Sung Wook Ji from Indiana University in his article titled “Production Technology and Trends in Movie Content: An Empirical Study.” In his writings, Ji identified a type of film that falsified many visual elements of computer effects on a list of 50 box office films between 1993 and 2005. As a result, the films were “action,” “adventure,” “animation,” “family,” “fantasy,” “Musical” and “sci-fi,” enter the top list of types of films that use visual computer effects. While films of the type “biography,” “comedy,” “crime,” “drama,” “music,” “romance” and “sports,” are types of films that rarely utilize computer visual effects. In Indonesia, the use of CGI in films is also not new. The latest film with the name of the biological son of artist Raffi Ahmad, “Rafathar,” also uses CGI technology. However, the use of CGI in Indonesian films has constraints and limitations. Fajar Nugros, an Indonesian director revealed, “CGI has been widely used in Indonesia and its technology can catch up (Hollywood’s ability) actually. Only our films are always tight, so our CGI team who are smart and their technology to pursue it to Hollywood cannot be maximized (working on visual effects). “

This technology is commonly used in Hollywood filmmaking

  1. Digital Resurrection

            Are you following the Fast and Furious series or maybe Star Wars? You certainly know if one of the Fast and Furious Actors, namely Paul Walker died in the middle of shooting? But why can he still appear in the film huh? Even though the incident occurred when the death was not finished shooting you know. Well it turns out Gang, by using a combination of CGI technology, Face Scanning, and Motion Capture.

            The visual effects team from Fast and Furious succeeded in creating a CGI or virtual version of Paul Walker using old clips. After the shooting process was completed, Paul Walker’s face was affixed to his sister’s face.

  • Digital De-Aging

            Have you watched the latest Pirates of the Caribbean movie? You remember, the scene where the younger version of Jack Sparrow appeared? Well do you know if that role is played by Johnny Depp too?

            Next, there is the film Captain America Civil War. Here, too, you will find scenes where teenage Tony Stark is played by Robert Downey Jr. Raising or enslaving actors is actually not new. Because from the beginning, Hollywood has done it with a combination of makeup and wigs. Now with the help of CGI, the look of young and old can really be impressed. The securities company LOLA VFX has become a subscription for Hollywood filmmakers who want to play or make their actors easy.

  • Digital Nudity

            Have you all watched Game of Thrones yet? In the fifth season of the HBO series, there is one scene where the Queen character played by Lena Headey must walk in the middle of the city naked. You might imagine that he really did it huh? But, unfortunately you cheated. The naked scene performed by Lena Headey was apparently a digital touch alias fake.Yep, again the filmmakers use a combination of filming and CGI. The first requirement, of course, the stunt must be similar to the main cast.

            Second, the scene is done several times with the main character wearing clothes, then followed by a replacement actor who does not wear clothes and once again with green screen and moving lighting. This process also uses facial scanning and motion capture, until the face of the main character is affixed to the body of the substitute actor.

  • Motion Capture

            Motion Capture or MoCap technology has been used in games since the SEGA era. Its use in the film itself, only occurred in the film The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, to create the character Gollum played by Andy Serkis. Motion Capture technology itself finally managed to get a strong boost, after the success of Avatar James Cameron in 2009, who spent 12 years to pre-production in order to perfect the virtual camera for this MoCap technology.

  • Digital Location

            If you can raise an actor from death, building a digital location is certainly like applause. Take for example the Avatar again. In this film, every scene setting on the planet of the blue aliens called Pandora, is entirely created digitally. Even so with outer space in the film Gravity.

            Not up to here, Digital Set technology apparently can also be used to modify existing locations, you know. Just call the Avengers building in the Avengers series or the Oscorp building in the Amazing Spiderman series.

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