Flagship product is a core product or a superior product of a company. The product is usually a representation of the overall product owned or offered by a company to consumers. Often the core product is also the product most familiar to consumers from the company concerned, for example Google’s search engine from Google, Inc., or the Windows operating system from Microsoft

In some cases (for example those related to gadgets like smartphones), flagship products can also be interpreted as the best products or the highest grade products owned or offered by a company for consumers. These products are often used as a reference for consumers to assess all other products owned by a company. For example if a flagship product from company ‘A’ is considered good, then products with different models or types that are also issued by the same company will also be considered good. Though the assessment is not entirely correct. And if a flagship product is successful in the market then usually it will also boost the popularity of the company concerned.

In Indonesian, flagship can be called a superior product. But the meaning of superior products is still too broad, right? Therefore, because now the meaning of flagship is increasingly widespread, we narrow the understanding again.

First, flagship can be tucked into the most important products of a manufacturer. In manufacturing, flagship can be aimed at the most sophisticated products that consume the most capital (so the selling price is expensive). For example Apple X and Samsung Galaxy S series smartphones, Ducati Panigale motorcycles, or Hyundai Palisade SUVs.

But this understanding also has its own problems. The most expensive and most sophisticated products are often also categorized as high-end goods. So what’s the difference between high-end and flagship products?

This is where we should look for understanding of flagship from a marketing standpoint.

In the realm of marketing, flagship refers to the products that are targeted to sell the most compared to other products owned by a manufacturer. When a company defines a flagship product, they will prioritize marketing funding for marketing the flagship product. So yeah, flagship is part of a marketing strategy.

High-end products (the best, most sophisticated, and most expensive) do not necessarily include flagship. In contrast, flagship products are most likely high-end products.

The term flagship is often found in consumer electronics product references, “This Is a Flagship Device” or “This Is a Flagship Cellphone”, but what is meant by flagship, and maybe you are also among those who don’t understand this.

To explain the term flagship, there is an interesting article that was uploaded by AndroidAtuhority.com. From there it is explained that by definition, the word flagship describes a ship carrying a naval fleet commander complete with his flag of duty. But that is the literal meaning, and it is not right to describe the term on a mobile device. Well according to Dictionary.com, a flagship can be defined as “the best or most important of a system or group”.

Then is flagship a mainstay among the other products from one brand or must be a mainstay on all devices in circulation? This is the end of the debate. The team at Android Authority itself has different views. Some argue that the status of the flagship refers to the best device in all brands and does not depend on features and specifications.

There is also a view that states that a flagship is the most popular and best-selling device, whether it has top-of-the-line specifications or not. Although the device is cheap, the manufacturers have their own flagship device. But the conclusion of the Android Authority team finally made a definition of devices that fall into the flagship category, and most of us also agree, including;

– Flagship is the best OEM device has to offer.

– Flagship holds many of the top specifications available today.

– Flagship is an Android smartphone that can compete with the iPhone

– The flagship device doesn’t have any compromise

– Flagship devices are the best of all devices in a certain price range

– Flagship is a device made to have broad commercial appeal

– The flagship tool has a very strong and prominent marketing campaign.

Every start a new month, the Antutu benchmark application has a tradition of announcing the list of the fastest Android flagship phones in the world. Now who in January 2020 became the champion?

Apparently the list of the fastest Android flagship phones in January 2020 is no different from December 2019. In the order of the top three is still inhabited by Vivo phones.

Vivo iQOO Neo 855 Racing has been re-ordained as the most speeding Android flagship phone. Thanks to using Snapdragon 855+ combined with 8 GB RAM and 128 GB internal memory it can produce a score of 504,796.

With similar capital, Vivo iQQ Pro 5G gets a score of 502288, occupying second place. Followed by Vivo NEX 3 5G with a score of 498,223. OnePlus 7T Pro and OnePlus 7T are ranked fourth and fifth. ROG Phone 2 is in sixth position.

Realm X2 Pro in seventh position, followed by Honor V30 Pro 5G in eighth. There are new occupants in the ninth and tenth positions. The cellphone is the Oppo Reno Ace. Armed with Snapdragon 855+, 8 GB RAM and 256 ROM scored 476,144. Huawei Mate 30 Pro 5G will be the caretaker of January. Modified by Kirin 990, 8 GB RAM and 256 ROM is able to carve a value of 472,698.

Although both have qualified quality, but there are differences between flagship smartphones and gaming smartphones. Especially on design, materials, hardware, and software. Some parties say that flagship smartphones are the most popular and best-selling devices, although they don’t have to have the Top of the line specifications.

Although the device is cheap, some smartphone manufacturers have their own flagship device. Like the Pocophone F1, this smartphone uses a Snapdragon 845 processor but is sold at a cheaper price than other flagship class smartphones.

According to the Android Authority, many different views about smartphone flagship. Some think Flagship is the best device offered by OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and considers Flagship to have the highest specifications available today.

There are also those who argue that the status of the flagship refers to the best device in all brands and does not depend on features and specifications. Of course, the prices offered by each vendor selling flagship class smartphones also vary. However, the price offered is the highest price because it is a superior product.

For example, the price of the Samsung flagship smartphone and the price of the flagship smartphone from Oppo, Xiaomi, Vivo or Huawei certainly are also different. This price difference can be caused by the design, material, hardware, and software used.


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