Now I will discuss about the names of generations in our lives that are getting cooler and cooler with technology. Each generation has its own uniqueness and characteristics, starting from 1922 until now. According to Graeme Codrington (he is South African author, futurist and strategy consultant, and a founding director of strategic insights firm)  and Sue Grant-Marshall in they theory states at their book entitled “MIND THE GAP” that there are 6 groups of human generations

  1. Tradisionalis (1922 – 1945)

This generation can also be called the era of “The Great Depression”. Why say that? Because life at that time was still lacking. In addition, the traditionalist generation also witnessed many major events taking place in life. Like the beginning of the Second World War. Many of them are participating in the various wars in the world that are happening. With a simple and improvised weapon and courage and the soul of patriotism, it produces extraordinary experiences so that the characteristics of the people in this era is to have a spirit of leadership and courage that cannot be doubted.

  • Baby Boomers (1946 – 1964)

My grandfather belongs to this generation. Why so named? Because at that time there was a very rapid growth of births after the difficulties during the war. Perhaps it was due to the war that the growth of births in the previous period was very low. The characteristic of the people of this generation is having a consistent orientation towards the achievement of their career. It can also be said to prosper their children and grandchildren later.

  • Generation X (1965 – 1980)

Why is it called Generation X? at this time there was a popular novel entitled Generation X: Tales for an Accelerated Culture written by Douglas Coupland. In the book discusses the upbringing of two parents who spend a lot of time to work. As in previous years, this generation carries the characteristics of the previous two generations, which are never giving up and orientation to achieving consistent careers so that when combined they become busy people working for the welfare of the next generation. But their work does not interfere with other matters such as personal and family. Related to this, much more balanced life compared to previous generations. They also tend to be more tolerant and accept differences. This generation also witnessed many conflicts in the world. Like the Vietnam War, the fall of the Berlin Wall, the end of the cold war. Information technology in this era also began to develop rapidly, they began to recognize the name of the computer so they began to think innovatively for human life in the future.

  • Generation Y

Or usually also called millennial. This generation has a motto that is work life balance. The motto also represents the characteristics possessed by them if they. People in this generation have characteristics with a very cool mindset because this generation is full of visionary ideas and initiatives that will later give birth to generations who have an understanding and knowledge and understanding of science and technology. They are also observant in seeing an opportunity. Many technological changes that occur at this time such as the transition from everything that is analogous to digital. Another characteristic possessed by most people of this generation is that they tend to prioritize their lifestyle as in the case of work. Many of them are looking for work that can support their lifestyle if it does not suit many of those who quit their jobs.

  • Generasi Z (1995-2010)

This generation is also called i-Generation which stands for generation net or internet generation. With the rapid development of technology in the Z generation, they seem unable to escape from gadgets and social media activities. According to alerts, 44 percent of Gen Z checks social media at least every hour. As a result, they are faster in obtaining information than in previous generations. Although they like things that are instant, this generation still has advantages not much different, almost like the ‘older siblings’. The characteristic of children in this generation is having an open, spontaneous thought in expressing what they feel and what they think. They are also more independent, tolerant and very caring, accustomed to everything that is fast paced and can even do several things at one time. They are the most connected, educated, and the latest generation. But there are negative things that exist in them, namely the lack of direct or verbal communication and tend to be egocentric. Technology for them can do anything including studying and working, not just having fun. So not a few of Gen Z who now use social media as their land to make a living. Like opening an online shop or becoming a young influencer.

7. Alpha Generation (2010 – present)

Around 2.5 million alpha generations are born every week. This fact makes the prediction that the number will be greatly inflated by around 2 billion by 2025. Like the two previous generations, those born after 2010 are familiar with technology that has developed rapidly even since a very young age. At a very early age, they already know and are experienced with gadgets, smartphones and the sophistication of existing technology. The characteristics of children of this generation are their open mindset and transformative and innovative. This was obtained because most of them were born from families with a generation of y in which the generation also occurred during the early technological development. Their character at work and how their tendency to spend money, while not yet predictable. Given that for now, the oldest age of the alpha generation is seven years.


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