fuser not found

sometimes if we facing error in nginx after edited setting it will show ” …………..error……already in use ”

this step will discuss about how to solved when you want to kill process with specific PID with linux tool. One of them is fuser. But for use fuser you can not to do it instantly because fuser not in linux bundle.

Anyway, you may have tried to install the command with Yum without success, because it is a part of a package named “psmisc.

This package contains miscellaneous utilities that use the proc FS:

 - fuser: identifies processes that are using files or sockets.
 - killall: kills processes by name (e.g. "killall -HUP named").
 - peekfd: shows the data traveling over a file descriptor.
 - pstree: shows currently running processes as a tree.
 - prtstat: print the contents of /proc/<pid>/stat

Simply use the following command to install fuser

yum install psmisc



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