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This year, Apple introduced the Bionic A13 chip which claimed with a new features that brings extra battery life for a few hours, new iPhone “Bionic A13 is the fastest CPU ever in smartphones,” Apple said on stage was quoted by The Verge. Apple added that they also has the fastest GPU on the smartphone. Apple also claimed that Bionic A13 to be the most power-efficient chip ever made up to 40 percent, helping to provide up to four hours of additional battery life for the iPhone 11 Pro and higher up to five hours for the iPhone 11 Pro Max

The efficiency improvement despite a record 8.5 billion transistors inside and enhance the performance of about 20 percent and Apple says it now has a performance chip with machine learning (ML), with a nervous eight-core machine that can perform 1 trillion operations per second and with a 6-fold more rapid matrix multiplication. Apple said it is using machine learning on the iPhone camera 11 to help process their images, and said the speed of the chip allows it to record 4K video at 60 fps with HDR enabled. Like its predecessor, Bionic A12 and Bionic A11 following comparison. A12 Bionic designed by Apple, claimed that the chip is the smartest and most powerful in a smartphone in 2018, featuring 7-nanometer chip and it was the first in a smartphone that provides industry-leading performance in a design that is more power efficient. A12 fusion Bionic has a six-core architecture with a two-core performance up to 15 percent faster, four core efficiencies up to 50 percent more efficient, four-core GPU that up to 50 percent faster, more robust designed by Apple itself.

Bionic A11, was claimed by apple is the chip with the strongest and most intelligent in a smartphone in 2017, featuring the design of the six-core CPU with two cores performance 25 percent faster and four core efficiency is 70 percent faster than Fusion A10, offering industry-leading performance and energy efficiency. Controller performance of the new second generation can take advantage of six cores simultaneously, providing performance up to 70 percent more for multi-threaded workloads, giving customers more power while two hours longer than the iPhone 7. Bionic A11 also integrates a GPU designed by Apple. Machine Bionics nerve new A11 is a dual-core design and perform up to 600 billion operations per second for real-time processing. Bionic A11 neural engine designed to specifically machine learning algorithms and enable Face ID, Animoji, and other features exclusively on iphone.

Bionic A13 Specs

From the sheet apple newest chip contains 8.5 billion transistors. There are six CPU cores contain Two high-performance cores running at 2.66 GHz they called “Lightning”, and four efficiency cores they called “Thunder”. It also has a quad-core graphics processor, LTE modem, an Apple-designed image processor, and an octa-core neural engine for machine intelligence functions that can run over 5 trillion operations per second.


Is it true that Apple’s newest chip is the most powerful brain in the smartphone devices? or is it just a claim by a big company like Apple to advertise their new iphone ? To know more details, let’s find out who and what is apple face off during the quartal apple launched Bionic A13.

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Exynos 9825 is the newest samsung chip,it has eight cores arranged in three clusters, two high-performance custom Mongoose cores running at 2.73 GHz, other two Cortex A75 cores running at 2.4 GHZ, and four efficiency-focused Cortex A55 cores running at 1.9 GHz. Plus it has Mali GPU and Samsung’s neural processing unit, along with LTE and new memory capabilities.

Kirin 990 5G also the newest chip from Huawei, it follows a same three-cluster, eight-core features like samsung latest chip. First, it has two high performance Cortex A76 cores running at 2.86 GHz, other two A76 two-cores running at 2.35 GHz, and four efficiency-focused Cortex A55 cores running at slower speed at 1.95 GHz. The chip is a 16-core GPU and also a neural engine they called Da Vinci neural engine with three cores. This chip contain 10.3 billion transistors.

Snapdragon 855+ from Qualcomm is very similar like the Kirin 990 and Exynos 9825. With custom Kryo 485 Gold cores with one powerful cluster clocked at 2.96 GHz, other three Kryo 485 Gold cores running at clock speed of 2.42 GHz, and four efficiency-focused Kryo 485 Silver cores running at slower clockspeed 1.78 GHz. This chip included an Adreno GPU and Qualcomm’s Hexagon 690 AI engine.

If we look carefully at Apple’s chip , it seems to be inferior to the three chips that has been mentioned, the specifications on paper from those chips are quite high compared to Bionic A13 made by Apple. Maybe one or two high-performance cores are very enough for nowadays phone. Apple’s six-core chip design seems lagging compared to the eight-core processors from Samsung, Huawei and Qualcomm, but really, the two big processors on Apple’s chip is easily outperform its competitors’ designs. The truth is Apple’s processors consume power more efficiently, and that gives them a very big distinct advantage over competitors. For instance, Samsung’s exclusive Mongoose chips need to be used judiciously, and they cause the device to be more overheat.

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So maybe Apple could take the lead from the benchmarks on all internet that conclude Apple’s Bionic A13 run faster than Snapdragon 855+ . The chip itself squeezes out all the performance and take a big hop on power efficient and more stable 6 cores rather their 8 cores competitors. This might be a solution for gaming power that Apple has introduce back then on Apple Bionic A11 chip. Despite the architecture still similar with Bionic A12, Apple success to out-perform their last chip with 20% performance difference. It is big enough to save the cost without launch a new chip architecture. Now, only the users who can determine whether the price offered by Apple for their latest device in accordance with the performance offered is what we desire, or maybe it is a noneless than Apple market strategy to attract new IOS user.


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