Android Marshmallow 6.0 is an official operating system that was launched by Google on August 17, 2015 right with the independence day of the Republic of Indonesia. At the same time in front of Google’s large office located in Mountain View California, there is a statue of the green android robot that carries white Marshmallow food. Like Lollipop, Marshmallow is a type of food or sugar candy that has a small cylindrical shape.

With the development of the new Android system, the many new features and advantages of this Marshmallow Android, here are some of the advantages and new features that exist on Marshmallow Android :

1. App Permission

The first feature that is one of the advantages of Android Marshmallow is the app permission feature. In this feature we can set what we allow in running an application. For example we can allow activating the camera on the Instagram application but not activate it on BBM or other applications. This app permission can also be used to control what applications are allowed and not allowed to operate at certain times. This also allows us to save the capacity of RAM that is running and can also be applied as a battery saver.

2. Android Pay

In the era of technology-based economy as it is now allows us to make transactions in an easy and fast way, one of them is the use of smartphones. Android’s sensitivity to the current economic system makes it give birth to the Android Pay feature that can be used for transactions. This Android Pay can later be synchronized with your credit card or debit card so you only need to verify transactions through the smartphone without having to carry a card. This feature is also claimed to be completely safe by the Android considering that the security system is now more stringent using fingerprints.

3. Google Now on Tap

Previously we already know the Google Now feature that allows us to order Google browsing only by voice. The presence of Google Now on Tap is a refinement of the previous features. The difference is that on Google Now on Tap you can call it at any time even if you are running a certain application. So you don’t need to exit an application that is running just to search for something through Google. Android Marshmallow has made it simpler.

4. Fingerprint Feature

The fingerprint feature is familiar among smartphone users, especially more and more applications that use the fingerprint. Seeing the development of this feature, Android Marshmallow also facilitates the users with security mode using fingerprint on each application. Then you can lock a particular application using fingerprint. This greatly adds to your smartphone’s security system because not only does it open the log screen but to open any application you can manage with fingerprint security.

5. Doze

Want your Android smartphone to save battery? Android Marshmallow answers through the Doze feature. This latest feature allows the smartphone to automatically detect whether the smartphone is in a state of use or not. If the smartphone we have is not in use, the Doze feature will automatically disable the heavy applications that can make the battery run out quickly. This is claimed to be able to save battery power up to two times. In other words, a smartphone can control and control itself without us having to order it first.

6. USB Type C

USB Type C is not yet widely used on smartphones, but in the future USB Type C will be an advantage in smartphone features. The reason USB Type C is claimed to be able to increase the speed in the charging process and also can make your Android like a Powerbank which is possible to charge other smartphones through your smartphone. Of course Android Marshmallow already strongly supports the application of this feature on your smartphone.

7. Fast Charging

The charging process has become a necessity for smartphone users. In an age of all-round technology this makes us want things to run faster, not least in the process of charging a smartphone. Then all your wishes will be answered by Android Marshmallow. Through the USB Type C feature, the charging process will take place up to five times faster than usual. Really profitable right? Especially for those of you who do have a lot of activity using a smartphone, so that it will minimize obstacles because it runs out of battery.

8. Flex Storage

Flex Storage will help us in managing the allocation of applications installed on Android. If the previous operating system we can only move certain applications to microSD and there are a number of applications other than the default application that we cannot move to microSD even though the application is including applications that consume a lot of memory. Usually we can overcome this with the help of third-party applications in order to move the application to microSD. But if we have used the Android Marshmallow OS, we no longer need to use third-party applications because Android Marshmallow already facilitates it. So that we become more flexible in managing storage capacity and managing the storage allocation of installed applications. This feature allows us to empty more internal storage and maximize memory usage on microSD.

9. Auto Backup App

Auto Backup App facility you will get when using the Android Marshmallow OS. Its sophistication is that Android will automatically backup all applications embedded on your Android into Google drive. Interestingly, when you restore data that has been backed up, the application that you get on the smartphone will be exactly the same as the settings that we have applied to the application when we backup it. This feature is very useful for those of you who like to keep changing smartphones without wanting to be complicated to rearrange every application contained on your new smartphone.

10. Custom Tabs on Chrome

For those of you who like to do web browsing with Chrome, this feature will make you more effective in using Chrome. This Custom Tabs feature will allow you to turn a website that you like to visit into an icon like the Android application. So you don’t have to search or type a website link in a web browser when you want to open your favorite website, just click on the website icon that you created before. It was really fun ..

11. Uninstall the Default Android Application

It is familiar if in every operating system, Android includes several default applications that have been automatically embedded on our smartphones. Many of us feel that they don’t need or rarely use the default application so they want to uninstall or uninstall it. In the previous OS, there were only a few applications that could be uninstalled from the default application. But on this Marshmallow Android OS we will have more access to uninstall the default Android application. It is increasingly seen that Android is very concerned about the comfort of the wearer in every development of its latest operating system.

12. App Drawer Facility

The more sophisticated Android we have, the more interested we are in installing various applications on our smartphones. This often makes us need time to find the application icon that we want to run because too many application icons are displayed. If you are a person who really needs speed and efficiency in using a smartphone, then this feature is one of the features that suits you. Because with this App Drawer, we can search for applications that we want to run without having to look for the icon on the homescreen. We just need to type the name of the application that we want to open so that it saves more time for those of you who have lots of applications installed on Android.

13. Power Button to Activate the Camera

The camera on a smartphone has become one of the most frequently used facilities. In the previous feature, we can take photos just by pressing the volume button on the smartphone. But we still have to activate the camera first manually. This makes Android even more innovative by providing the latest features, namely the power button to activate the camera on a smartphone. For those who like to capture the moments around them in a short time, this feature is very helpful. This feature can reduce the possibility of us missing the opportunity to capture a precious moment that happens very fast.


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