for job seeker in Indonesia and Permanent status. The Deputy Manager Mining will assist Mining Manager to co-ordinate all mining superintendent and all supervisors in the workplace while promoting and maintaining a healthy and safe environment for everyone at work. Reporting to the Manager Mining and based on site on a 28/14 roster, you will work collaboratively towards delivering high quality solutions and result.

what jobs

  1. Assist Mining Manager to co-ordinate all mining superintendent and All supervisors in the workplace of the removal of overburden/inter burden in a safe, effective manner on time and within budget in a designated area
  2. Ensure the selection of projects that match objectives of Business Plan by ensuring risks in tender and contract conditions are recognised and accounted for.
  3. Plan, direct, monitor and reconcile the technical aspect of the mining operations including daily, short to long term (annual) plans, operational performance, blast design and sequencing, rehabilitation, drainage and road design, to assist in achieving agreed coal production targets.
  4. Familiar with the current Mine Plan and future deployment of equipment within area of responsibility.
  5. Check daily production figures and use them to address the problem areas.
  6. Minimize coal losses and dilution when removing inter burden to maximize the reverse
  7. Ensure ROM areas are maintained with good drainage and minimize contamination during loading.
  8. Analyse and review the system, procedures and equipment utilised within the mine and recommend improvements to enhance coal production.
  9. Maintain team performance.
  10. Provide regular feedback and mentor the growth and development of direct reports.
  11. Involve in annual assessment process and proactively seek for development plans.
  12. Ensure development plan is available for team members so that they keep up with required skills & competencies for current and future roles.
  13. Builds coaching and mentoring process to sped development of future leaders.
  14. Monitors team or area performance and keeps people informed of progress to ensure delivery against objectives.
  15. Manage workplace conflict
  16. Identify the views of other business areas or teams to ensure a broad perspective is gained.
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skills and experience

  1. Graduate from Tertiary Degree in Mine Engineering or related discipline.
  2. Minimum of 7 years previous experience in a similar role experience in large open cut mining operation of which at least one or two years in production/service supervision/ management role.
  3. Comprehensive knowledge in mining equipments.
  4. Has certified in “Madya” Certification.
  5. Computer literacy.
  6. Financial reporting & concepts
  7. OHS&E requirements Legislative and statutory requirements
  8. Technical expertise
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