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Why do people fail at entering the bank teller resume format? When someone gets ready to enter the hiring process, it is always tempting to copy what they have done. They try to include the same format in their resumes. Many people choose to use a template.

If you are going to copy, be sure to think about your target audience. It can be tempting to use a template that has a few words that say, “Bank Teller” and put all of your resume information on this page. You must think about who will be reading this document and decide if you want to fit everything you have done into this single page.

There are better ways to present information with business letters than a standard resume. Business letters are not as complex and certainly don’t need to be. Business letters typically come out of three different formats: Executive Head Letter, the head letter format; an insert or shelf letter; and a cover letter.

An executive head letter is the most formal of the letter styles. Executive head letters are used for detailed business requirements and should always be used by an individual applying for a position in a managerial role. Executive head letters are common place in resumes but should not be used as the main heading in your bank teller resume. They are normally placed on a new hire resume. The best format for this type of information is an insert or shelf letter.

An insert letter is used when an individual is applying for a role where the task is less demanding. There are some industries where this is acceptable, but in the banking industry, it is always best to not be more formal than necessary.

A shelf letter is used for jobs that are less demanding but may still require some more explanation than an insert letter. The typical shelf letter has a line or two for hiring related information and a few lines for personal references. The best format for a shelf letter is a cover letter. The Cover letter is a separate document that is included within the resume and requires an applicant to supply a title for the cover letter.

Insert letters and shelf letters are generally used in one to two page resumes, while the cover letter is normally used in one page resumes. If you are using a document that is going to be passed along for the sole purpose of referencing a previous employment, you should probably use the cover letter format.

The cover letter is a form of introduction for your new employer and should always be included in your bank teller resume. If you want to create a resume that is much shorter, you should use a cover letter to provide a preface for the resume.


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