Solar panels are one of the renewable energy innovations that can produce electricity from sunlight. Renewable energy is used to produce environmentally friendly energy thereby reducing the exploitation of earth materials such as fossil fuels. Recent research has created the latest renewable energy that is similar to solar panels. The difference is that this tool is called a reverse solar panel. Because this panel does not produce energy from the sun, but from the dark.
Radiative cooling is a method used by researchers to produce electricity. The 30-dollar piece of equipment is capable of turning on LED lights.

“The amount of power coming from the sun must be approximately the same as the amount coming out of the Earth as thermal radiation, to keep the Earth at a constant temperature,” Stanford Professor of Electrical Engineering, Shanhui Fan, was quoted as saying by Gizmodo on Wednesday (18/9) / 2019).


Researchers say that there are 1.3 billion people who do not have reliable electricity access. Solar panels help these people to get electric power, but they need electricity at night. So researchers are looking for ways to make electricity at night without having to save energy from the daytime.

Solar panels can produce electricity from the sun because of the photovoltaic effect. The effect is exposure to light on certain materials that produce electric current. Meanwhile, other renewable energy uses thermal or temperature processes.

Reporting from Gizmodo, the temperature difference between a hotter sun and a cooler earth can be converted to usable energy. The system on this device is an alternative process that makes the earth a source of heat.

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