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The drone was made in 1849 for military purposes and in 1898 Nicolas Tesla found a remote controller to control the drone remotely. Usually people call it UAV. The history of this drone is when Austria will attack the city of Venice by using balloons that contain lots of explosives, but this method is not 100% successful. Some of these balloons hit the target but some turned the direction. The drone developments began to be widely applied in civil, especially industry, business, and logistics. Because of the development of this technology the transportation of goods has become easier, even reaching secluded areas. Drones are in great demand by large companies because of some of the advantages of increasing productivity, reducing operational costs, and minimizing security risks. But this technology also still raises criticism from some people because the flying altitude of the drone is the same as the aircraft that can interfere with the road so that the plane can cause the possibility of colliding with each other.

Drones consist of several types, there are:

military drone
  • Military Drone

As the name implies, the function of the drone is in the interests of the military field.

  • Consumer Drone

This type of consumer drone is often used as a hobby of users or can be used to make a video or photography. Because its function is often used to fulfill hobbies, this drone is also equipped with a high resolution camera. Some of the drones commonly used as consumer drones are DJI Mavic Pro, GoPro Karma and DJI Phantom.

  • Toy Drone

The function of this drone is only to be used as a toy. In addition, for this toy drone there is usually no camera. However, if this drone has a camera at the bottom, then the camera used is not a camera with high resolution quality. This drone is often used by novice pilots.

Helicam or drone is a unique tool that can shoot or record images from a maximum height of 11,000 feet, because this tool can fly. The principle of this tool is simple, and it can even be said that only a special camera is placed on a toy helicopter or drone, then we control it. But the camera used in the helicam or drone is indeed not an ordinary camera, but a Canon 7D DSLR camera, besides that this tool is also equipped with GPS (Global Position System) that allows us to still be able to monitor the presence of this tool while flying, and with the system 5.8 GHz video monitor allows you to be able to see every moment captured by this camera tool.

Currently there are 5 types of drones, namely:

  • DJI Phantom Drone
dji drone

The most popular drone among them because this type of drone is one of the most luxurious and is equipped with many and sophisticated features. One of the strengths of DJI Phantom is the integrated GPS system in it so that we don’t have to worry if flying this Drone with a high enough distance or far. With the GPS facility, this drone can be easily tracked and can even return automatically to its remote location.

  • Parrot Drone

This drone has a very unique shape, known as the Parrot. One of the highlights of this type of photography drone is the number of media controls that can be used as a remote to fly this Drone.

  • Nine Eagle Galaxy Visitor 3

Nine Eagle is one of the drones that can be obtained at affordable prices and relatively cheap. This type of drone is the most suitable for beginners because it is very easy to use, a fairly complete feature is very suitable to be used as a subject in getting to know and study Drones for photography.

  • Walker QR

This type of Drone is also one of the most widely used by aerial photography lovers because of its cool and always updated features. One of the services that can be utilized on Walker QR is GPS.

  • RC Quad copter

This drone is also one that is easy to use and can be obtained at affordable prices. This type is also one of the mainstays for practicing using Drones because of its flexibility. One that is widely used and obtained at low prices is the Quad copter x5c. Which is also comes with colorful LEDs and a camera at the bottom. Because the physical plane is made of flexible plastic material so it is not easily broken or broken when colliding.

Part of Drone

  1. Propeller / Prop: Is a propeller that is used to provide lift to the drone, direction controller, and counterweight, the number of propellers varies there are those in number 2, 3, 4, 8 and so on
  2. RC: Remote control that is used to move the drone from a normal distance on the RC drone is paired with devices such as smart phones, tablets, computers used to visualize the drone itself and monitor its movements remotely
  3. Gimbal: Is a balancing system from the camera, as well as a link between the drone and the camera, each has a different shape but has the same function, which is to make a stable capture of a photo or video using a drone so that the shock of the drone, and the wind does not make the photo shake or blur.
  4. Camera: This is used to take a picture and video.
  5. Landing skid: is the foot of a drone used for landing. this leg can be raised or lowered, depending on needs.
  6. Shock absorber: existing damper on the drone serves to maintain the balance of the camera so it stays straight and stable.
  7. Rotor: The rotor is the driving force of the propeller, and the amount depends on the drone itself. The size of the rotor also depends on the size of the drone.
  8. Launching pad: this is landing area of drone. The shape is similar to helipad, but smaller.
  9. Airplane training: The aircraft / drone used for training is usually set to be safer and easier to control for new pilots
  10. No fly zone: Drones are not allowed to fly here, and have been protected so that the engine will not start
  11. Restricted altitude flight zone: Drones are only allowed to fly at a certain height

Free zone: free areas to fly, flying with safe conditions too of course


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