understanding Drone
Technology in today’s increasingly fast and forward useful to enable people to do their jobs. Of all the many of today’s advanced technology, one that drone technology. Basically the drone technology itself a powerful tool in the form of small unmanned aircraft equipped with a camera. To control the drones require a remote control as directing. At first the drone technology is only used for military purposes only. drones used by the military is used to monitor and spy out the circumstances in which time does not allow it to send troops to the region and can use drone technology, the drones have operated to keep watch over the area that is being monitored.
However, due to the development of drones, the drones can be used by the general public. unmanned aircraft using very sophisticated aerodynamics law, so that the drones can lift himself or carry weapons or other cargo.

  1. History of Drone
    Based on the Center for Telecommunications and Information Engineering (CTIE) Monash University revealed that the drones or unmanned aircraft first used and developed on 22 August 1849, which was created by an Israeli engineer who lives in America called Abraham Karem. Then the US Defense Research Projects Agency (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency / DARPA) are attracted to the invention Karem and fund advanced research prototypes developed by Karem. In November 1898, Nicolas Tesla patented a remote control or remote control works. The remote control is used as the basis of contemporary robotics. Tesla then create ships and balloons can be controlled remotely. Since that time the drones are widely used for military purposes, especially when the world war.
    While in Indonesia, this drone technology has been known since 2002 that it was not able to evolve as expected. Thus the association formed a team consisting of PT. Dirgantara Indonesia, National Electronics Institute, BPPT and LAPAN who have the duty and function to develop unmanned aircraft. Some universities such as UGM, ITB and ITS, also carried out the development of unmanned aircraft. LAPAN mention drones with LAPAN LSU (LAPAN Surveillance Unmanned (LSU) and BPPT call with Puna (Aircraft unmanned). Puna has a function to monitor floods, volcanoes, forest fires, the number of hotspots in wag forest, mapping the region and the country’s defense even predicted will be able to be a complement to military weaponry. According Haryo Ajie Nogoseno, Indonesian Military observers say the military Persenjatan possessed two types of UAV / Puna is Wulung and Heron is the result of Indonesia production. Wulung enabled to guard the border region, but is still limited to watchdog. While the technologically more sophisticated Heron, will function as a lookout.
  2. Benefits Drone
    monitoring Hurricane
    Companions can use drones to monitor the condition of an area to be examined but could not be reached. One is the area of ​​the center of angina tornado. NASA (the National Aeronautics and Space Administration) uses drone technology to monitor the movement of the storm.
    Complementary Photography Needs
    Sometimes drones are also used for those who like photography or those who would make shooting video and will perform at an angle that is difficult to reach.
    mapping Location
    The ability of drones to take a picture or photograph from the air by the high quality of the survey could be used for mapping. Where the drones can support data acquisition in 2D or 3D models. This helps scientists in the study of flora and fauna.
    Helping Journalists
    The existence of the drone is also very helpful for the purposes of journalists. Is often used to monitor the density of most passengers on Eid al-Fitr. Before the drone technology appears, this is done by helicopter but deemed inefficient.
    Helping Team Sar
    Drone very helpful and Rescue team in the running of the lever. This helps them know if there are survivors and also deliver logistical needs for disaster victims, but of course in limited quantities.
  3. Advantages and Disadvantages Use of Drones
  4. Price
    For the purposes of the military industry and the delivery of goods, will certainly be much cheaper to buy drones compared to buying conventional manned aircraft. According to a survey from a variety of sources, the price of the most expensive drones to date reached USD 600 million. so many industries that use them. If for individuals, typically used by those who have a hobby like photography and aerorobotik or just to play it. Although the price of drones for the industry less cost for its use, but to use individually, would have thought in advance to buy a six-hundred millions of drones it. price does play a part in order to know the advantages and disadvantages of the use of drones, so that everyone could decide to buy drones or not.
  5. Usage
    The most menajubkan is from excess use of these drones are unnecessary pilot operation. So as to control the drones can simply use the remote control. A kind of remote control car toy. only need dexterity in controlling the drones. Because it is easy to operate so that the use of drones became more and more and more. However kekurangannnya precisely in a limited flying time. to fly the drone must observe the period of its use. It is caused by drone use charging system and he does not carry its own fuel like a commercial aircraft. so, when playing the drone must take the time because of the limited battery.
  6. Size
    Advantages and disadvantages of the use of drones to be seen also from the capacity. In general, the size of the drone is not big and not heavy, whereas when compared with the aircraft. Because the drone is designed for both portable so easy to under anywhere. Unfortunately, the size is not large, of course, can not carry cargo drone aircraft as much as usual.
  7. Navigation System
    The drones can fly by using high technology and navigation systems which are not in doubt. Navigation systems using GPS, altimeter, accelerometer, gyroscope and many other sensors. The navigation system is very supportive for controlling the drone remotely. So the drone is able to reach places inaccessible by conventional aircraft. With the ability to surf it, many are using drones to take photos or remote sensing. In addition to a broader scope, is also very easy to control to obtain photos from various sides.
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