Drone manufacturer, DJI is now developing RoboMaster robotics competition in China. This program is intended for students to be able to program and learn about robotics. Reporting from The Star page, Sunday (6/16/2019) to expand its program, DJI also created a robot named RoboMaster S1 to teach coding or programming languages. This robot has 46 components such as motors, impact detectors, infrared sensors, LED lights, microphones, speakers, and many more. six programmable artificial intelligence modules. Here, artificial intelligence is used to recognize other Robomaster S1 but also to interpret various sounds and movements made by users. It is intended to enable robots to perform tasks with varying complexity. All equipment and many sensors allow it to maneuver, with speeds of up to seven miles per hour or 11.27 kph. In addition, it is possible to program it for autonomous movements. It can even recognize and react to certain sounds and gestures. The manufacturer has announced a battery life of about half an hour. The robot is programmed and controlled on a smartphone or tablet that runs on Android or iOS through an application that teaches two programming languages, Python and Scratch. DJI Robomaster S1 is now available in the United States at a price of USD 499. Just like DJI’s newest drone, RoboMaster S1 can recognize and respond to movements and sounds or track objects, all using computer vision. This device is equipped with a f2.4 aperture camera and a broad 12 degree viewing angle. This RoboMaster Drone can also fire projectiles in the form of small gel beads. These beads come in very small shapes but expand so that they are submerged under water for several hours, they are not poisoned, but will require cleaning after use. In addition to creating RoboMaster S1, DJI has also developed a series of tutorials and video guides to help users learn how to do coding . This RoboMaster S1 device from DJI will be sold at US $ 499 or around Rp. 7.1 million.


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