DJI launches its newest device in Indonesia, DJI Mavic Mini. The emergence of DJI Mavic Mini may not be separated from the increasingly stringent regulations regarding drones, especially in the international arena. Several incidents have occurred due to ‘drone’ pilot drones which endanger other operational activities (for example: airport activities). And from some of the new regulations on drones, one of them is drones weighing 250g and above must get permission from the national aviation (which already applies in the US and UK). Then how do drone manufacturers respond to this rule? For DJI, just make a weight of 249g, DJI Mavic Mini. This device is a drone that has a small size and light weight. Weighing up to 249 grams. The device is designed to be a daily Fly Cam. DJI Mavic Mini, currently available for pre-orders at DJI official retail throughout Indonesia. “To design a lightweight, compact but resilient drone like Mavic Mini is one of the most challenging projects we have ever done at DJI,” said Roger Luo, President of DJI, in his official statement on Wednesday (11/13/2019). Besides being easy to carry, Roger revealed that the device has other advantages. DJI Mavic Mini is claimed to be easy to operate and fly using a special remote control. Ultra-light design and high-quality motorbike give Mavic Mini flight time of up to 30 minutes. In addition, Wi-Fi transmission signals provide stable control and HD live feeds for a clear and stable flying experience. The GPS receiver and visual sensor down detect the ground under the Mavic Mini, allowing accurate, stable-flying and accurate landing both indoors and outdoors. Furthermore, DJI Mavic Mini also has 2.7K video quality at 30 frames per second, 1080p at 60 frames per second, or 12 MP photos. According to the DJI official website, this tiny drone will be released on November 11, 2019 (the next day since this blog was written if you are thorough enough).

And as usual, DJI will issue two versions, the basic package (drones, batteries, remote) and Fly More Combo which will later be additional accessories in the form of a charging hub that can also be a power bank, propeller guard, and two extra batteries. As for prices, they will be released at $ 399 (around 5.6 million) and the Fly More Combo package at $ 499 (around 6.9 million). This possibility will replace the position of DJI Spark and the price will not be far from there when you later enter Indonesia. Like other contemporary drones, DJI Mavic Mini can also be folded, with legs bent in and out easily. Still like a Mavic, the front gimbal on the camera is also protected by a shield, while on the back is also available memory and USB slots that can be used at any time. At the top of this is the area of ​​the battery, while at the bottom is the location of the power button. The most interesting part of this design is the weight of DJI Mavic Mini which is only 249g. As mentioned at the outset, this also facilitates general users in the US, UK and Australia so they don’t have to bother registering their drones every time they want to use it. From the light weight, 100g is the weight of the battery. When the battery is removed, it will feel that the body and technology in the DJI Mavic Mini are very light.


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