Digital Al-Qur’an available to answer modern technologi that everyday can grow better. Digital Al-Qur’an show up because people want practice life. Cause everyday technologi will grow better, digital Al-Qur’an alsa will grow by new ideas. Digital Al-Qur’an  maked to easily muslim people in the word. Not only in indonesia, Al-Qur’an digital also used in many country in the word expecially country that domination people religious islam or muslim.

Digital Al-Qur’an will always develop every years to make or to upgrade skill of digital Al-Qur’an to example are upgrade for quality arabic writing, quantity, and the art from performa of digital Al-Qur’an. If  in the past digital Al-Qur’an still just to people that can hear, watch, etc, now digital Al-Qur’an can used to translate the arabic lenguage to other language in the word. For example, a man Indonesia download application digital Al-Qur’an in her handphone. The system for digital Al-Qur’an when the man download the application will automatic read where the man from. The system can identified the program at her smartphone and automatic download digital Al-Qur’an and transalate to indonesian language. The system will identified from her smartphone from historical when the man doing searching on the internet.

Indonesia are one of the big people muslim in the world. Smartphone almost all was used by people in indonesia. Like a child, teenager, adult, and old now was used smartphone. This condition is startthe idea to make digital Al-Qur’an begin. To children they can to hearing the murotal at them smartphone. They can hearing the murottal al’quran any where and any time. Murrotal are the arabic script that is read with beautifully tone. They can hearing the murottal and other praying when they playing with their friend, when they will go to bed, when they at car for travel with their parent, etc. There are also develop pictures interesting for children.

The develop digital era will make develop triger to make digitalisasi to all religius problem especially islam. Now was many software based islam nuanced that religious. The software that mean are application that can run by personal computer or handphone. Many application that develop by personal although there are some application that build by organization.

Software that divelop like digital Al Qur’an  with platform windows, Holy Qur’an in language indonesia plus with platform windows, pocket Qur’an with English language and make platform symbian, etc. There are also divelop software with hadith teori like:

  • Mausu’ah al-Hadis with platform windows
  • Maktabah Alfiyah with platform windows
  • Shahih Bukhari with platform java
Al-Bayan with platform windows
  •  Shahih Muslim with platform java

Conten based religious on the software for cellphone also develop. This content are divided into two services, there are WAP services ( wireless aplication protokol ), and the two services are SMS services ( short messege services ). To get wireless aplication protokol services just especially for cellphone. The wireless aplication protokol are  services with pages. We must to connect with GPRS (General Package Radio Service). The General Package Radio Service will connect our cellphone with data on the server. While to SMS ( Short Messege Services ) we must to send a message to other to get sms from the server services. This services sure some paid and some are not paid. If the services are paid we must to pay with our pulse from SMS ( Short Messege Services ). The operator from services will cooperation with telecomunication with telecomunications services concerned.

To example for Digital Al Qur’an version 2.1 there are have fitur like :

  • Index al-qur’an
  • Note
  • Asbabun Nuzul
  • Enable search verse by verse

Digital Al Qur’an version 2.1 have adventages like :

  • So small for a digital Qur’an that it doesn’t occupy much of the space on the hard disk.
  • Because the file size is very small, this causes the software to be quite lightweight operated on. Navigating to all pages is very easy without waiting for time lag.

Holy Quran Viewers versi 2.94

Features from Holy Quran Viewers versi 2.94

There are several features that can be used by users when utilizing this software, some of these features include:

  • Of the various types of Digital al-Qur’an software, only
  • This software includes several examples of al-Qur’an manuscripts.
  • In addition to text, this software is also equipped with audio functions, so that the user can listen to the sound of the verse he chooses.
  • The Holy Qur’an Viewer also collects several verses which are categorized as collections of prayers that are often used in the Qur’an.
  • To facilitate users, this software includes a search facility.
  • In addition, the verses can be organized and sorted by Juz and by letter order.
  • In this software there is also transliteration of each verse into English, not forgetting the transliteration guidelines.
  • There is also a dictionary of terms in Islam and word indexes in English.
  • Interpretation of Abu A’la al-Maududi also decorates every verse of this software.


There are several advantages possessed by this software, these advantages are:

  • Fonts (fonts) quotations to Microsoft Word are very flexible to be re-modified, without having to set various formats on the operating system to be able to produce the appearance of verse quotations with Arabic letters accents that we want.
  • For software that has the ability to read,
  • This software depends very concisely, does not eat much space on the hard disk, only 9 MB.
  • For software that is classified as small in size, Holy
  • Qur’an Viewer includes software that has quite complete features.

The problems found around the digital al-Qur’an that need to be resolved are first, the inclusion of sources of references to the text of the al-Qur’an clearly in the digital al-Qur’an, secondly, incomplete punctuation, especially sad, third, possibly data input error, and fourthly, the possibility of content deviation especially from outside.

Efforts are made to overcome existing problems including the first, control of writing, second, improvement and maintenance of security systems, and third, periodic updating and checking of data.

The future of digital al-Qur’an will develop along with the development of information technology and computers. If now the development of computer technology leads to the ease of use in life, especially closer to the functions possessed by the five senses, both vision, hearing, touch, taste and smell.

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