A number of countries in the world began to use the fifth generation network alias 5G. In contrast to China, they are already prepared for 6G connectivity.

Although the 5G network only started this year, researchers have begun to think of a new network for the future, which is 6G. Quoted from Gizchina, Monday (11/25), at a world conference on information and communication technology in the future, researchers have begun to talk about the 6G.

Yu Shaohua from the Chinese Academy of Engineering delivered a speech titled Application and Iconic Equipment is the Key to the Success of 5G. He also conveyed that the 6G network speed will touch Tbps, many times greater than the current rate of Mbps. Yu Shaohua also said that the future 6G network will introduce ‘trust’ network performance experience. Each generation of cellular communication has iconic applications and equipment.

Looking back, the 2G network is voice and SMS, while his older brother, 3G, delivers smartphone applications, including CRBT, MMS, videophone data services, and so on. Furthermore, 4G makes 3G applications much better and adds location services.

Most likely a 5G investment will be greater than 4G. However, operators still have to deal with the right 5G iconic application with new equipment. He summarized that the new 5G iconic application and new equipment were three-dimensional, human, network and material. Including human interconnection, character interconnection, and object interconnection. There are five main industry categories, namely ultra-wideband personal consumption, car networks, remote control, internet industry, and urban applications.

China’s Ministry of Technology and Science announced it had formed two teams to oversee 6G research and studies. The formation of this team officially marks the efforts of the local government to accelerate the development of the sixth generation network technology.

Development of 6G Technology Begins in 2020

Su Xin, head of the 5G technology development department at the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China said that his country was starting research to develop the 6G network. According to him, the concrete development of the 6G network will officially begin in 2020, but this technology is predicted to be used commercially by 2030.

For the record, the new 5G network was released in four cities in the United States, namely Los Angeles, Sacramento, Houston, and Indianapolis. So, if 5G isn’t used in bulk, what can be done with 6G network?

Speeds Up to 1 Terabit per second

The 6G network can run with cellular internet speed of 1 terabit per second. That means you can download about 100 films in less than one second. Researchers at the University of Surrey, UK have reached that speed using a 5G network in a laboratory test.

5G and 6G refer to the fifth and sixth generation of wireless mobile networks. To note, 5G is said to have a data transmission speed 10 times faster than 4G released in 2009. What about 6G? It’s too early to predict what 6G will be like. So, we still won’t be as sophisticated as what 6G will be.

The 5G network in China itself was only held in full recently. Given the massive region and population, commercialization of the 5G network in China is called the largest in the world.

Nevertheless, the application of 6G networks is still too complicated to imagine at this time. Just as Andrea Caldini, chairman of Verizon said at the 2018 Mobile World Congress, said that no one could predict the emergence of Snapchat when 4G technology was still being developed.

In addition, Su said, 6G can connect devices better than 5G. The 6G network is claimed to be able to provide wider internet coverage. “5G has three main advantages, namely large bandwidth, shorter processing time, and wide connections. I think the 6G network can surpass these three advantages, “Su said, as reported by Bloomberg. He also said that the 6G network could increase transmission 10 times better than 5G. It can revolutionize the structure of the wired and wireless network as a whole.

Besides China, many other countries are doing research and development for the 6G network, such as the United States, Russia and the European Union. Some consumers are still upset about the speed and prices that are being applied. Even though with a download of 1 Gbps, the 5G network is predicted to accelerate the automatic car and so on. But at this time, the speed was not yet in line with expectations.

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