Deepfake Controversial Technology : Fantasy Vs. Reality


What if one day you could play a role in a Hollywood movie without even casting? what if one day you could be a speaker at a UN conference without having any contribution? All possibilities that have never been thought of now can be realized with the latest technology today, and deepfake is the answer.
Only by using 100-300 photos that you have, this technology can work the way you want. Deepfake works by reading the facial structure and expressions of an individual and creating an “entity” that can duplicate yourself. Create a world where you can create your own fantasy. This deepfake algorithm was created by Reddit based on artificial intelligence technology.
This technology can even change the face of one person who is addressing whoever you want by inputting hundreds or thousands of photos of that person and the deepfake encoder will process it. You don’t need to study graphic design at a well-known university even to be able to use this technology. Deepfake will do everything for you.
Many uses that can be done in this deepfake:

  1. Become an actor / actress in an instant
    Your dream that might have vanished in the past to become a world actor now can be granted with deepfake. Do you want to be a Jack who became Rose’s true lover in the movie Titanic? Or do you want to be an airplane pilot in World War II who is willing to leave his lover to fight?
    Simply by entering hundreds of photos as a source for the algorithm, all your fantasies can be realized.
  2. As a source of income
    With deepfake technology, you can use your own face to be used on a fashion model. You can create licenses for your face and sell them to a company and you can get money from it.
    Without the need for a catwalk on the Louis Vouitton stage you can become a fashion model? Who doesn’t want it?

Deepfake is now under the supervision of the Pentagon
Abuse of deepfake is increasingly rampant. This concern makes the Pentagon, the United States Department of Defense participate in monitoring the use of this technology.
Through the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA) in collaboration with various agencies to eradicate deepfake abuse. To detect fake deepfakes, a series of studies at the University of Colorado must be conducted to distinguish which is genuine and fake.

It’s not only the Pentagon that studies deepfake.
Researchers at academic institutions such as Carnegie Mellon, the University of Washington, Stanford University, and The Max Planck Institute for Informatics are also experimenting with deepfake technology. While not a part of DARPA’s program, their work, some of which are featured above and here, highlights different techniques with which artificial intelligence can be used to manipulate video.

An increasing number of lawmakers are warning that a form of video manipulation, known as deepfakes, could be the next stage of information warfare ahead of the 2020 US Presidential election.Deepfake video is hyper-realistic manipulated video made using artificial intelligence technology. Deepfakes can be so convincing it can be difficult to determine what has been manipulated and what has not.The Department of Defense, through the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), has commissioned researchers across the United States to begin developing ways to detect when a video is a deepfake. CNN spoke to some of those working on the project for a special report published Monday.Three members of the House of Representatives, including Rep. Adam Schiff, who now chairs the House Intelligence Committee, wrote to Director of National Intelligence Dan Coates in September expressing concern that deepfake “technology could soon be deployed by malicious foreign actors.”

“As deep fake technology becomes more advanced and more accessible, it could pose a threat to United States public discourse and national security, with broad and concerning implications for offensive active measures campaigns targeting the United States,” the lawmakers wrote.

Their concern comes after a Russian company with links to the Kremlin targeted the US with a widespread disinformation effort on social media in the lead-up to the 2016 Presidential election. That effort included fake Facebook pages and Twitter accounts. Lawmakers fear bad actors may use more sophisticated methods, including deepfakes, in the future.The group asked Coates to prepare a report on deepfakes to be presented to Congress.”During the 2016 election, my gravest fear was that the Russians would dump forged documents among the real, or worse still, add fake paragraphs into real emails. This is still a major concern for the 2020 election, as is the possibility of using deep fakes, and either would represent yet another dangerous escalation of cyber interference in our democracy,” Rep. Schiff said in a statement to CNN.Senators, too, are sounding an alarm.At a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing last May, Senator Marco Rubio, a Republican from Florida, said he believed deepfakes would be used in “the next wave of attacks against America and Western Democracies.”Rubio described a scenario in which a fake video or piece of audio is disseminated on the eve of an election, with the clip going viral and being cited by news outlets before analysts could determine it was fake.”The intelligence community is extremely concerned about the rise of deep fake technology,” Senator Mark Warner, the top Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee, said in a statement, “We already struggle to track and combat interference efforts and other malign activities on social media — and the explosion of deep fake videos is going to make that even harder.”

Is Deepfake a threat?
Unfortunately, Deepfake itself was immediately criticized when it first appeared. Many people use deepfake to put the artist’s face into immoral content.
The first impression people have for Deepfake is a negative impression, so reddit also prohibits all content such as deepfake from being posted on Reddit. Deepfake has already made way for people to make videos that can damage the good name of others.
But the biggest danger of using Deepfake is if it is used to make influential political videos.
With Deepfake, anyone (with coding skills) can make a fake video of any character and can make a false statement.
Just imagine suddenly a president made a video that he would send nuclear to another country? Surely the video will make a scene. Because of this many sites will ban the use of Deepfake on their sites (Twitter and Reddit have banned their users).
But with the growing number of Deepfake communities, they will find ways to keep the Deepfake community alive.

Is Deepfake a bad thing?
Technology has always been a double-edged knife, its useful use is always followed by the potential to use the technology to commit crime. Deepfake itself is one of the results of technology that has benefits and potential to harm others.
The fate of Deepfake itself is determined by the developers and users. Can deepfake bring future benefits that defeat our negative impressions now? Only time determines.


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