Database or often also spelled database, is a collection of information stored in a computer systematically so that it can be checked using a computer program to obtain information from that database.

The software used to manage and call database queries is called a database management system (DBMS). The database system can be learned in information science.

The term “database” originated from computer science. Although then the meaning is broader, including things outside the field of electronics, this article is about computer databases. Records that are similar to databases actually existed before the industrial revolution in the form of ledgers, receipts and data sets related to business.

The basic concept of a database is a collection of records, or pieces of knowledge. A database has a structured explanation of the types of facts stored in it:

this explanation is called a scheme. Schema describes the object that is represented by a database, and the relationship between these objects.

There are many ways to organize schemas, or to model a database structure: this is known as a database model or data model. The model commonly used today is the relational model, which in layman’s terms represents all information in the form of interconnected tables where each table consists of rows and columns (the actual definition uses mathematical terminology). In this model, relationships between tables are represented using the same values ​​between tables. Other models such as the hierarchical model and the network model use a more explicit way to represent relationships between tables.

The term database refers to the collection of interconnected data, and the software should refer to it as a database management system (DBMS). If the context is clear, many administrators and programmers use the term database for both meanings.


Microsoft SQL Server is a relational database management system (RDBMS) for Microsoft products. The main query language is Transact-SQL which is the implementation of the ANSI / ISO standard SQL used by Microsoft and Sybase.

SQL Server and Sybase / ASE can communicate over the network using the TDS (Tabular Data Stream) protocol. Apart from that, Microsoft SQL Server also supports ODBC (Open Database Connectivity), and has a JDBC driver for the Java programming language.

Version and Edition

As a development of previous versions and editions (SQL Server 7.0 and SQL Server 2000), Microsoft has introduced products:

SQL Server 2005

• Enterprise editions (x86, x64, and ia64)

• Developer editions (x86, x64, and ia64)

• Standard edition (x86 / x64 / and ia64)

• Workgroup edition (x86 only)

• Express edition (x86)

• Mobile edition

• Compact edition

Supporting Products

• SQL Server Integration Services

• SQL Server Analysis Services

• SQL Server Reporting Services

• SQL Server Notification Services

• SQL Server Management Studio


The Oracle database is a relational database consisting of data sets in an RDBMS database management system. The Oracle database was first developed by Larry Ellison, Bob Miner and Ed Oates through a consulting company called Software Development Laboratories (SDL) in 1977. In 1983, the company changed its name to Oracle Corporation until now.


• Standard edition (SE)

• Enterprise Edition (EE)

• Standard edition one

• Express Edition

• Oracle Personal edition

• Oracle Database Lite

• Timesten

• Berkeleydb.


XBase is one of the traditional RDBMS programming branches, to manage databases, which is currently often used is FoxPro and Clipper.


A relational database management system (RDBMS) is a computer program (or more typically a set of computer programs) that is designed to manage / manage a database as a collection of data stored in a structured manner, and perform operations on data at the request of its users.


Firebird (also called FirebirdSQL) is a relational database management system that offers features found in the ANSI SQL-99 and SQL-2003 standards. RDBMS runs well on Linux, Windows, and on a number of Unix platforms. Firebird is directed and played by the FirebirdSQL Foundation. It is a derivative of Borland’s open source version of Interbase.


MySQL is a database management system software for SQL (English: database management system) or a multi-user, multi-user DBMS, with around 6 million installations worldwide. MySQL AB makes MySQL available as free software under the GNU General Public License (GPL), but they also sell under a commercial license for cases where its use does not match the use of the GPL.


PostgreSQL is a database system that is freely distributed according to the BSD license agreement. This software is one of the most widely used databases today, besides MySQL and Oracle. PostgreSQL provides features that are useful for database replication. Features provided by PostgreSQL include DB Mirror, PGPool, Slony,

PGCluster, and others.


Microsoft Access (or Microsoft Office Access) is a relational computer database application program aimed at home and small to medium-sized companies. This application is a member of several Microsoft Office applications, besides of course Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft Power Point. This application uses the Microsoft Jet Database Engine database engine, and also uses an intuitive free display that makes it easy for users.

The components of the database itself are:

– Hardware is the database storage

– Software is a database creation application such as MySQL etc.

– Data is a collection of integrated files.

– Users are application program makers.

– End User is a user of the application

Benefits of Database in Computer Application Programming, namely:

– As a major component in information systems, because it is the basis for providing information. Determine the quality of information that is fast, accurate, and relevant, so that the information presented is not stale.

– Overcoming data redundancy (data redundancy)

– Avoid data inconsistencies

– Overcoming difficulties in accessing data

– Develop a standard format of a data.

– Use by many users (multiple users).

– Can be used simultaneously together by many users (multiuser).

– Conduct data protection and security. Each data can only be accessed or manipulated by authorized parties by providing login and password for each data.

– So that the user is able to arrange an abstraction view of the data. This aims to simplify the interaction between the user and the system and the database can present different views to the users, programmers and administrators.


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