Maybe some of you have heard the term dark web or deep web , right?

Indeed, the internet that you are currently using is only limited to its surface. Even deeper, you can find the deep web and the dark web .

Literally, the deep web and the dark web generally contain confidential content that cannot be accessed by everyone. Then what is the dark web and the deep web actually? Here’s the full review!

What Is the Dark Web or the Deep Web and the Difference?

As at the beginning of this article, it could be that there are still some of you who are wrong with the understanding of the deep web and the dark web , guys .

Well, try to imagine! If illustrated the internet is a vast ocean, then the internet that you access so far is only just the surface, aka surface web .

Everything you do, from streaming video , checking work emails, shopping online , browsing the internet, social media like Facebook and Twitter to other activities are still included in this section.

In other words, all of these activities are still open in general or can still be accessed through search engines such as Google and Bing , including the web surface .

Then what about the deep web and the dark web itself?

But easily, it can be concluded that the content that is in the deep web or the dark web is content that will never be indexed by search engines.

So it’s certainly not possible to be accessed by chance by ordinary internet users, for example the company’s internal data server or content about government, guys .

What is the difference between the deep web and the dark web ? Yes, it depends on the context and type of content.

Content or sites contained in the deep web are not all about dangerous or illegal content.

In contrast to the dark web that contains things that smell illegal and dangerous to explore, for example pornography, assassins, to buying and selling drugs.

What Sites Are on the Dark Web and the Deep Web?

Deep web , including the dark web of course contains a variety of content and sites.

Starting from just to carry out communication in secret, to get illegal goods such as weapons, drugs, to pornography.

Here Andy has summarized a number of things that you will generally find in the deep web or the dark web , guys .

1. Illegal Dark Market

On the black market, as the name implies clearly provides a variety of illegal and dangerous goods that you can find on the dark web .

Ranging from fake goods, drugs and illegal drugs, firearms, pirated software , stolen credit cards ( carding ), human organs, and many other illegal services.

In addition, the risk of trading on the dark web black market is also clearly greater and more dangerous than online stores in general.

2. Digital Currency

Aka digital cryptocurrency currencies such as bitcoin and others are currently soaring lately.

Cryptocurrency is also used as a means of transferring money anonymously for various transactions.

Generally this is commonly used for money laundering and other illegal transactions.

3. Hacker Group

Groups of professional hackers often gather and have a conversation online on the deep web .

Good to communicate with each other and also sell their abilities to those who need the services of these professional hackers .

4. Fraud

Because when accessing the deep web there is no one who oversees related to security, this part is often used for fraud and piracy activities .

5. Pornography

Maybe it has become normal to access pornographic content on the surface of the web .

But it differs from pornographic content circulating on the dark web , which generally revolves around child pornography to other sadistic content.

As Andy also reviewed in the deep web sex video series some time ago, guys .

6. Secret Social Community

Here there are also many people who gather to communicate with each other on the deep web network .

The reason is simple! One of the advantages of communicating on the deep web is that there are no more privacy and data retrieval issues.

Like when you access a network like Facebook, Twitter, and even Google.

Is it Safe to Access the Dark Web and the Deep Web? Here’s How!

If you look at the contents of the deep web or the dark web , surely there are still some of you who are wondering, “Is it safe to enter and explore it?” .

The answer is certainly NO! Yes, regardless of the purpose nature of the deep web is very anonymous and become a haven for the hacker alias cracker in exploiting user weaknesses.

Here they can steal important information from an account, because basically accessing the deep web is suspicious, especially to download and utilize the content in it.

But if you want to keep using it, there are some precautions to protect your identity.

At least accessing the deep web is not as simple as opening a browser and typing in a web address. Then how to access it safely?

Following Andy revmeew how to access the deep web properly and correctly, both via PC and smartphone .

1. How to access the Deep Web on PC properly & correctly

First, you can access the deep web on PC , guys . But before you need to prepare for various things and be ready to accept the risks that result.

Ranging from data theft to computer devices infected with viruses. So don’t forget, do it with your own risk !

Step – 1: The first time, you must use a PC that has used the OS Tails operating system , which stands for The Amnesic Incognito Live System . This OS itself is a development of the Linux OS with a high level of security and confidentiality.

Step – 2: Then install the TOR Browser which you can get at the link below. TOR Browser itself is a special browser software designed to access the deep web or the dark web .

Step – 3: Don’t forget to use a VPN ( Virtual Private Network ) that is useful for masking your personal data so that it does not spread on the internet. 

Step – 4: Make a plan before exploring the deep web or the dark web , because this has very high potential for being targeted by hackers or viruses.

Step – 5: Finally, you just have to open the TOR Browser on your computer


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