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Cryptophone. What is it?

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Have you guys ever heard about Cryptophone? I guess, not yet. So, let’s check this out!

Encryption is a method by which plaintext (readable data) is converted becomes ciphertext (encoded data) and can be translated by other entities if have access to the decryption key. Encryption is one of the most important methods for provides data security, especially for end-to-end protection of data sent through network. Encryption is widely used on the internet to protect user information sent between the browser and server, including password, payment information and information other persons deemed to be classified. Organizations and individuals too usually uses encryption to protect sensitive data stored on computers, servers and

mobile devices such as cellphones or tablets. GSMK Cryptophone 500 is one “Tool” that can be used to encrypt.

Over the past two decades, telecommunications interception has developed into an industry big. Intelligence services and private organizations in all countries routinely intercept calls which can produce sensitive political, military or economic information. Tapping has been become so wide and out of control. Equipment for wireless interception of telephone calls and messages are available at very cheap prices so they are often used even in a relatively small business conflict. So use encryption to protect privacy is a wise choice.

GSMK Cryptophone CP500 is a secure smartphone based on the Android operating system which was introduced by ESD America, a licensed manufacturer and distributor of various secure Cryptophone GSMK phone. Cryptophone is a spatial cellphone, which is rarely known.

The process of input and output data is very encrypted. On cryptophone, audio compression is highly optimized for several supported sound codes network technology, so that calls and data exchange remain confidential and ensure that calls can pass even when the network is limited. CryptoPhone GSMK technology based on algorithms that are well researched for voice encryption and processing. Available encryption combined with key length. GSMK CryptoPhone

encrypt your call with two algorithms that are considered the most powerful – AES and Twofish

All CryptoPhone GSMK products are equipped with complete source code published for review and to ensure safety. The source code is blue footprint how each CryptoPhone operates, and computer programmers can read this code. Customers of communication security devices must always be on the lookout for not only mistakes programming, but also called “backdoor”. That kind of backdoor would be possible certain people to listen to encrypted calls anytime, for example with reveal (part of) the cryptographic key during the call.


The CryptoPhone 500 technical architecture offers a level of security for mobile devices configurable features that were not previously available on any commercial mobile platform. Its unique level of protection lies in four pillars:

• End-to-end voice and message encryption: Same as the CryptoPhone 4xx series, CryptoPhone 500 offers secure end-to-end encrypted messaging and voice sending via IP calls at any network, including 2G GSM, 3G / UMTS, and Wireless LAN. Protocol Efficiency High CryptoPhone IP GSMK transmission allows phone use with easy even in a network environment where only limited data is available.

• Hardened operating system: The CryptoPhone 500 is the first cellphone to display secure GSMK Android operating system, built from source code with management granular security and optimized components, security optimized components and the communication stack. Hardware module controller and GSMK license enforcement module unique control over access to networks, data and sensors (cameras, microphones, etc.), Maintain users control individual security policies.

• Baseband Firewall: Based on the latest research for three years in security baseband processor, CryptoPhone Firebto Firewall is waiting for a new patent offer unique protection against airstrikes with continuous monitoring of activity baseband processor, detection of baseband attacks, and automatic initiation of countermeasures. That first globally, Baseband Firewall CP500 provides a revolutionary line of defense against air attacks that are not available on other products.

• Encrypted storage system: Protect data from unauthorized access, CryptoPhone 500 featuring a two-layer storage encryption system with full disk and container encryption Separate secure storage for contacts, messages and notes with smart folders.

CryptoPhone 500 is fully compatible with all GSM CryptoPhone mobile IPs, satellite, and fixed-line encryption products. Its revolutionary security architecture offers a level Unmatched mobile device protection that was not previously available on the platform commercial cellphone. CryptoPhone 500 is now commercially available. In terms of security, GSMK Cryptophone is considered quite good, because it has a combination strong algorithm to ward off cyber attacks.

1. Voice Encryption

GSMK CryptoPhones is the only secure phone on the market complete with complete source code issued for security assessment independent. Use the strongest and most secure encryption algorithm available currently as well as the longest key length available in the global market, so offers strategic security. On GSMK CryptoPhone, fixed and satellite channels which is safe using the latest generation of sound codecs and is fully compatible so encrypted calls can be made across cellular – cellular boundaries to cellular, cellular to cable, fixed cable to satellite, all with interoperability well.

2. Secure Messaging

All secure CryptoPhone GSMK phones have voice features as well SMS message encryption. With the 4096-bit Diffie-Hellman key exchange, which is using the SHA256 hash function and 256-bit AES and Twofish symmetric encryption, Cryptophone reliably protects confidential calls and messages without compromise in usefulness. Secure international messaging comes standard with features specifically like the “Eyes Only” message that self-destructs.

3. Cellular Security

A truly secure communication device must not only protect the communication link, but also must be able to withstand attacks on the device itself. To achieve this, all GSMK mobile phones are secure CryptoPhone is based on a “hard” operating system with security management granular and efficient components, security and optimized components communication stack. Hardened operating systems reliably protect device against outside attacks, so it offers 360 protection the actual degree when it’s most calculated.

Secure GSMK CryptoPhone smartphone is also equipped with an encrypted storage system for contacts, messages and keys. Smart Folders protects confidential data against unauthorized access if the cellphone is lost or stolen.

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