Know Digital Traces, From Understanding, Practices, To How To Reduce It.

In the current era, humans today produce far more digital footprint than before. This happens because the use of smartphones is far more developed to 2.32 billion users from all over the world. Hinet Lovers already knows, what is the definition of digital footprint? Come on, see the explanation and start to be aware of the digital track record.


Digital footprint is any footage recorded by someone traveling through smartphone applications such as GPS, social media, even e-mail. The entire digital data that forms a digital footprint is either stored on the computer or stored online. Your digital footprint is a collection of digital documents and digital accounts that you have created or uploaded.

Digital Footprint is a recording of your interaction with the digital world and the data that is left behind can be exploited.

  • Content created by users and content created by others regarding these users on the Internet. Data and content created by users include blogs, comments on public websites, photos and profiles uploaded by users on social network websites. Content created by others about you as part of a social group.
  • Data from user interactions with a website. Here, user activity is recorded, details recorded or recorded include web pages viewed, frequency of visits and time period between visits, clicks, time spent on each website page, interaction with forms, landing pages and downloadable content. In fact, every click, mouse movement, keyboard and interaction with the web (via PC or mobile) can be recorded and saved.
  • Insert data such as IP address, ISP, physical location, reputation, context, telephone records, likes, friends, behavior and connect the data with other data.

Digital footprint consists of highly personal data and is protected by law. Data analysis is a valuable value, where the analyst can determine behavior, profiles, targets, prospects, group profiles and use that data to determine a person’s influence and how that person is influenced.

This personal information is very valuable for many companies because it will greatly influence the determination of the campaign to be carried out, especially online. Various online marketing practitioners, such as digital marketing, social media managers or SEOs rely on this data to determine the strategies and plans to be carried out.

digital footprint and social media

Through google and your social media can also be the most accurate digital footprint about someone. If you activate the location history button, a digital trace to any location that you have ever been to can be easily identified. Of course, if the GPS on your smartphone is always active. Someone can find out where your house is, where you are, or even know the house of friends you have visited.

If you want no one to know where you are now by others, the way is to just turn off location. Find it in the settings at the three dots on the top right of the Google page. Then press “delete options” to delete your location trace notification.

Digital footprint is actually very useful for one’s personal needs. However, its presence can be a “weapon to eat host” for users if it is too “open” to the information shared in online media. Beware of digital footprints now need more attention to minimize our personal information misused by irresponsible parties.

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