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Questions about “What is cloud computing technology?” There are many different search engines on the Internet. This is closely related to the role of the Internet that currently plays a role in almost every area of human daily life. The development follows the direction of human needs that are increasingly practical, so that the birth of new technology that provides new facilities in terms of access software and integrated hardware.

At the beginning, the internet was used like a spacious and free library that provided a myriad of information and data we need in the form of text and video files. However, in its development, internet functions have evolved very extensively. Currently, not only as a library, the Internet has been enabled until it can be used as a virtual store, business portfolio, personal diary, advertising media, digital printing media, and so forth. And, nowadays it has been known a latest technology that leverages the need for this Internet in the form of cloud computing.
Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is a technology that refers to the use of Internet media as a computing resource. The understanding of cloud computing is technically a multitude of interconnected servers that are used to provide the resources by each user together. These resources can be applications (software), storage, data, etc.

Cloud Computing’s Jargon has started to warm up since the end of 2007. Cloud computing is used to move every service that is used daily into Internet media and is no longer stored in local storage (personal computer). In fact, some of these technologies have been implemented for a long time, such as email services. Hotmail, one drive, Office Web app, and other cloud products.

Various devices connected to cloud computing networks such as PCS, laptops, smartphones, and so on, will have all the data and programs on the hosting and are connected at any time and can be used dimanapin while having an internet connection. Like installing your own programs on a PC, the same program can be accessed as a Web service application that can be accessed through a Web browser.

This cloud computing technology service can be purchased by customers or subscription services according to the data usage needed at the time. This means that if a user time requires increased usage, the package can be added. Likewise, if the need is reduced then the service package can be lowered, so the user can manage the finances more efficient according to the needs.
Cloud Computing Services

Types of cloud computing services can essentially be divided into 3 types, namely:
Software as a Service (SaaS)

A service on cloud computing technology regarding the use of software (software) that has been provided. Examples: public email services (Outlook Mail, YahooMail, Gmail, etc.), social network (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), instant Messaging (Skype, Yahoo Messenger, GTalk, etc.) and many more. Software that must be installed in the PC, then can be used (on-premise) start can be enjoyed via cloud computing. Example:

Microsoft Office that was released in Office 365 form
Adobe Suite that can be used through Adobe Creative Cloud, and more

Platform as a Service (PaaS)

Cloud computing technology can lease the operating system, network, Database engine, application framework, etc., to run applications that we create such as traditional hosting. Examples of these PaaS service providers are:

Amazon Web Service
Windows Azure

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Cloud Computing can provide IT infrastructure services (computing, storage, memory, network, etc.). It can be interpreted most compute units such as (CPU), data storage (storage), memory (RAM), bandwidth and others can be rented. Examples of IaaS service providers are:

Windows Azure
Amazon EC2
BizNetCloud, and so on


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