When we have made a web application, then the next step is to just post it to web hosting. The function of web hosting itself is a place to publish web applications that we have made on a wider internet network. In choosing web hosting can not be arbitrary. Many considerations must be met so that the website that we make can be uploaded entirely. For more details, the following review for you.

Server Quality selected

Before choosing web hosting, the step you need to consider is the quality of the server chosen. This will determine your success in doing business in the online world. Generally, the ease of accessing websites that we make becomes an important point.

Apart from that, you also have to look at some important elements such as the location of the server. The location of the server is certainly much better if the location is close to the target consumer. For example if the marketing target is in Indonesia, then use the location of the server in Indonesia. If required outside of Indonesia, then you should choose a location closest to Indonesia such as Malaysia or Singapore. This is related to the flexibility of the network.

Plus, you are also advised to look at server specifications located in the data center hosting service. The specifications that need to be considered are the server technology, processor speed, RAM capacity, maximum amount of hard disk data, and also internet speed.

Service quality

After we look at the specifications of the computer used, the next step is to look at the quality of services provided by the web hosting provider. In general, customer service can be done for 24 hours. That is, they must always be ready when needed and always be able to solve problems as possible. The level of friendliness can also be used as a benchmark that can be considered.

Next, in terms of service methods also need attention. Can you use phone calls, e-mail, live chat and other communications. The easier it is to communicate, the better the service.

Prices offered

Of course, another consideration that must be considered is the price offered. For the matter of this price back again to your own needs. However, it would be better if you do a survey in advance on some of the web hosting services provided. Do not let you subscribe at a price that is more expensive compared to other web hosting with the same facilities.

Some considerations that you can do are the specifications of the type of service package provided. However, you must realize that this comparison must be fair. That is, if you want to subscribe with more complete features, of course, the costs will be more.

For example, you can see the VPS service with the usual unlimited hosting package services will be much more expensive VPS services. That is because the VPS service specifications offered are much higher. In addition, even in terms of performance, the use of VPS is higher and also better.

There is a warranty

For every service, goods or services, a guarantee is an important part that must be considered. If there is a web hosting that can provide a money back guarantee, it can be said that the web hosting gives a guarantee that the services provided will satisfy consumers.

If we look at it from the customer’s perspective, this is one of the best guarantees. Because, not all service providers and goods dare to guarantee such things. So, if you feel disadvantaged by the service provider, you can withdraw all rent that has been given to the full.

Although almost all web hosting services have implemented such a warranty system, every service has its own rules. Therefore, you should consider some of the rules that have been given before actually using it. Ask the customer service to be as detailed as possible.

Additional features

This section deals with the third point. You can check other than the main features provided whether there are additional features in it or not. additional features for example only such as the protection or security system. If there are such additional features in the package, then you better choose the package. The security system is very important to protect our website from hackers and other cyber attacks.

Customer Reviews

The last part is customer reviews. Seeing other people’s considerations is very influential on our decision whether to use the product or not. as well as choosing this web hosting. Usually we can see various reviews on the hosting provider website. Even so, we can also see the review through blogs or other special forums.


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