Single Point of Failure, Back-up, and Penetration Testing

Today the use of computers has penetrated into all fields. The development of computer technology is very rapid to cause a variety the field depends on the...

Setting Nginx for any Framework

Nginx is lightweight web server for a lot concurrent user in one system. With this value some programmer prefer to join for his project. Framework become popular...
Best nginx rewrite setting for Wordpress

Best nginx rewrite setting for WordPress

Nginx promises a lot feature of web server. From nginx website nginx accelerates content and application delivery, improves security, facilitates availability and scalability for the busiest...

Hardering Webserver – script injection with xss protection

some type of injection can be in script html code etc. Some insert backdoor, script trap or diversion all of them is made for some purpose. Hardening...

rogueads.unwanted_ads in sucuri scan? How to remove ads injection malware

code injection is script injected to our code without our permission. For bad purpose this code can become backdoor to take over your site. Some injection can...

code igniter app error, can`t open web app in client

Several time ago, i build my own app or web app with code igniter. There is no error when i build and test my app on server...

[emerg]: bind() to failed (98: Address already in use)

emerg]: bind() - sometimes after edit nginx configuration this error will show up. Don't panic, this error happen because port for new configuration still in charge. In another world it...
fuser not found

Fuser not found – nginx setting already in use error

sometimes if we facing error in nginx after edited setting it will show " ..............error......already in use " this step will discuss about how to solved when you want to...
cuRL error 6

cuRL error 6: Couldn’t resolve host ‘’

several time ago some website in nginx web server has annoying error cuRL error 6: Couldn't resolve host ''. i have been search in google and not found anything. This is...
traditional server vs nginx server

Page not Found with Nginx

error 404|page 404A|page not found is error from many reason one of them is from rewrite rule. Before that we conclude that a lot of website has been build...

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