iPhone 11

iPhone 11 is a wonderful surprise. It brings more advanced technology (namely in the camera capabilities and the processing power under the hood) and yet offers it...

a new invention of Apple

Another Invention of iPhone Product Apple's success in marketing the iPhone X has a significant impact on the release of the latest iPhone on September 13,...

The Greatest Phone Have Ever Been is iPhone 11

RTV9dpaxLqndHCzZzJ4XZ4-768-80Download iPhone has issued many series of mobile phones that are many, not the least that even almost all the series that was...

What’s Behind The Iphone 11 Camera?

On September 20, iPhone 11 was officially released which is good news for anyone who wants to get the latest iPhone from Apple.
galaxy s10+

Comparing Galaxy S10 Plus Selfie, iPhone XS, Google Pixel 3, and OnePlus 6T

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus selfie camera as the best from The DxOMark website. The Galaxy S10 Plus recorded 96 points, far superior to the Huawei Mate 20...
nano sim - e sim

Mobile Operators Will Be Dizzed by the Latest iPhone

Apple product lovers aka "fanboy" will certainly rejoice with the launch of the latest iPhone in some time to come. But unlike the "fanboy" this, mobile operators can even...

WhatsApp Reported Immediately Releases Features of “Silencing” Group Members

decdeg.com-Download app wa now will be difference. WhatsApps will soon embed a new feature specific to group chats. The feature will allow the admin to "mute" members in the...

whatsapp business, wanna try?

Officially launched, the existence of WhatsApp Business helps many online goods sellers in their day-to-day transactions. Although it was launched a few days ago, there are still many people who...

Web Picture-in-Picture Mode and Reply Privately in Whatsapp

a couple of months after the component was taken off to cell phones over the world. The WhatsApp Web highlight will be taken off with a future refresh, which...

Trending : Iphone with old battery – ios update

Decdeg reader have seen that Apple has all the earmarks of being backing off old iPhones that have low-limit batteries. While numerous iPhone clients have encountered seen lulls because...

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SIGSALY : encryption technology in your voice

One mechanism for increasing security is to use encryption technology. The data sent is modified so that it is not easily intercepted....
robot sophia

How Big is The Benefits of Robotic Technology for Human Life

Hello guys, now we will discuss about the benefits of robotic technology for human life.
Tips for Caring for Smartphones

Tips for Caring for Smartphones

Hello guys this time will discuss tips on caring for smartphones In your daily life,...