u2f security key decdeg

Twitter Login Can Use “Flashdisk” USB – U2F feature with usb security key

Twitter released a small size flash key (USB) that can be used to lock the user's Twitter account. By utilizing these keys, accounts become more secure and not easily penetrated by...
google ads

Google Retired the “Adwords” Ad Platform, This is the Successor

Google introduced a new brand (rebranding) for the advertising platform. If previously called "Google AdWords", it is now simpler with the nickname "Google Ads".At the same time, Google also launched two...
GIF for instagram

Send GIF image from Instagram

Instagram users can now interact more expressively through Direct Message (DM). This is thanks to GIF support, where users can exchange moving images both personally and in groups. This update make...

Wrong Step Path become Disaster

social e-mail Path officially stated that the service would be stopped soon. This statement was conveyed by Path through his official Twitter account."The Last Good Bye!"Responding to that, Path users who...