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exynos 9

Predicted Chipset on Galaxy S10 and Note 10

As before, Samsung's flagship phone to know ahead of Galaxy S10 is predicted to be composed of variants that use two different System-on-Chip, namely Snapdragon made by Qualcomm and...

Score “Antutu” Xiaomi Gaming Phone Revealed, Compared Razer Phone?

An image capture (screenshot) of AnTuTu benchmark application leaking a Xiaomi gaming mobile phone. The phone that uses the code name "Blackshark" it scored quite high at 270,680 points. The...
snapdragon chip

Graphics Phone Snapdragon 845 kick Out iPhone X?

A benchmark leak shows the results of Qualcomm's new chipset test, Snapdragon 845 with some of its competitors. In the 3DMark benchmark that tests graphics performance, Snapdragon 845 successfully...

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robot sophia

How Big is The Benefits of Robotic Technology for Human Life

Hello guys, now we will discuss about the benefits of robotic technology for human life.
Tips for Caring for Smartphones

Tips for Caring for Smartphones

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