Tuesday, July 14, 2020
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LINE, the Most Favorite Application in Indonesia

In 2015, a survey of favorite applications among smartphone users placed LINE in first place. LINE is able to defeat other social media applications such as Instagram, Whatsapp and Path. The most...

Do you want ASUS ROG Strix GL503? Its Review.

It's really impressive to see the developments of gaming laptops lately. Now it's not the hour again the size of a very large gaming laptop with a hot performance temperature. The look...

The sophistication of US drones that killed General of Iran.

The drone was controlled by two pilots remotely from the US Central Command headquarters located in Qatar. The MQ-9 Reaper's drone speed alone can penetrate...

Online Sellers and buyers must be wary, cause of Trojan Shopper Application

For those of you who have online stores or buyers of online stores, you should be on the alert. Because recently Kaspersky, a global cyber security company, found...

Github Application Beta for Android Platforms

After the previous November was launched for iOS devices, now the beta version of the GitHub application was launched for Android-based devices. Those who have...

Instagram, your Social Media App!

Instagram is one of the most popular social media in the world, including Indonesia which has millions of members from various types of social media accounts. The initial presence of...

Working Principle, Definition and Washing Machine Parts

This time I will share the explanation and parts of the washing machine as follows: Washing machines are electrical household appliances consisting of electrical components...

What You Need to Create an Ethereum Mining Rig

Before I start explaining how to make a mining rig, I'll show you everything you need. The equipment will vary slightly depending on the components you will use.

Get to Know The Flagship Smartphone Better

Flagship product is a core product or a superior product of a company. The product is usually a representation of the overall product owned or offered by a company...
Think Before Buy New Device For Your Desk

How to Choose Fit Laptop for Your Desk

Laptops offer brilliant portability and power, but they’re ultimately less flexible than a desktop. Once you’ve made your choice, you’ve made it. You could just decide upon a budget...