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macbook pro

Laptop MacBook Pro 2015 Discontinue

After approximately three years, Apple officially stop the production and distribution of MacBook Pro 2015. This announcement coincided with the release of the latest MacBook Pro 2018 which is claimed to...
microsoft server

Microsoft “Sinks” Hundreds of Servers into the Scottish Sea – Microsoft Update

microsoft update - Microsoft software giant drowns data centers into the Scottish sea. The project, nicknamed "Natick" is not without reason. Microsoft will observe whether it can save energy by cooling...
5 technology in car 2018

5 More Trendy Car Technologies in 2018

The car is one of the most used vehicles in the world. Various latest technological evolutions are also always applied by car manufacturers to improve the convenience, comfort, and safety of...
windows 10 lean edition

Microsoft Prepares Windows 10 Lean Edition More Compact

Windows remains the most dominant operating system for use by personal computer devices such as laptops and desktops.Windows 10 early in its presence staying digadang as the last operating system from...
external gpu

Mac External GPU from BlackMagic

Together with upgraded MacBook Pro 13 inch and 15 inch laptop specifications, Apple also introduced a new product of external graphics processing (eGPU) designed in collaboration with Blackmagic.Blackmagic eGPU is claimed...
yahoo messenger

Yahoo Messenger “Close” July 17th – yahoo news today

decdeg.com - Oath Inc. the umbrella of Yahoo announced the instant messaging application Yahoo Messenger will cease to operate forever starting July 17 next. According to Yahoo, there is no product...
raven processor

AMD Launches Two New Ryzen Processors with Integrated Vega GPU

November last year, Intel made a surprise by announcing a new processor equipped AMD Radeon GPU. The news sparked the question: "When will AMD release Ryzen processor with integrated GPU? Why...
macbook pro 2018

Latest MacBook Pro Can “Copy” 4 GB Files in 2 Seconds

Last week, Apple recently updated its line of top MacBook Pro 13 and macbook pro 15 with the Touch Bar with more qualified specifications.Both laptops berbanderol prices starting from 1799 US...
ryzen 2

AMD Introduces Second-Generation Ryzen – ryzen 2- More Speeding

decdeg.com - AMD was once underestimated a few years ago, but since late 2016 its name back into a conversation with "ryzen". and now launched ryzen 2AMD successfully re-entice hardware enthusiasts...