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UNDERSTANDING ANTENNA The antenna can also be defined as s ebuah or group of conductors that are used to emit or forward wave electromagnetic toward space free or catch a wave elektromegnetik of space free . Energy electricity from a transmitter is converted into a wave of electromagnetic and by an antenna which then these waves are transmitted to free air . At the receiving end of wave electromagnetic is converted into energy electricity by using Anten a . ANTENNA FUNCTION In basically a ntenna divided into two , namely as the transmitter and receiver . The...

LINE, the Most Favorite Application in Indonesia

In 2015, a survey of favorite applications among smartphone users placed LINE in first place. LINE is able to defeat other social media applications such as Instagram, Whatsapp...

12 Best Operating Systems Used by Hackers Other Than Windows

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Dark Net a.k.a Dark Web?

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IoT Technology in Smart City

The development of Internet of Things technology that supports Smart City is not just talking about broadband access with high-speed internet. Low-power and...

Instagram, your Social Media App!

Instagram is one of the most popular social media in the world, including Indonesia which has millions of members from various types of social media accounts. The...

What is cyberbullying and how to prevent it?

In this digital age, images play a more significant role in the lives of young people than in previous generations. In the world of social media...

Easy! How to get a invite Code in Hack The Box

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10 Ecommerce Trends That You Need to Know in 2020

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How to transform your laptop into a gaming powerhouse with an external graphics card

Setting up your eGPU The research is done, the BPlus board has arrived, your graphics card is ready for unboxing, and...


Cloud Computing Make You Get Beauty Computing

Questions about "What is cloud computing technology?" There are many different search engines on the Internet. This is...