Interest in buying and selling in this day and age has been very developed. In the past, buying and selling cars were mostly sought after by car brokers or car dealers who had their own showrooms or owned their own shops. But, nowadays buying and selling cars has become a business that is in great demand by most people, both young and old. Buying and selling cars has become a business that is in demand because there are many enthusiasts. The business of buying and selling cars is also often used as a side business outside the main job of the seller. Business people buying and selling cars usually have a garage and a job that is not far from the car. If ordinary people want to do the business of buying and selling cars, they can also use the car before they trade in the car they use. Users can use the car they want to sell as long as the car hasn’t been sold anymore. Such a principle is actually very beneficial for the side business people, because besides they get the benefit of being able to use the car they will also get money benefits if the car is sold higher than the price they bought. Because now many people are looking for a good car but at a low price so they can resell the car at a higher price and will not get a loss because they also get profit by using the car.

Cars that are in great demand by buyers or brokers and car traders are easy maintenance cars and the selling price range is not too high. This car is usually output in 2000 and below, but with conditions that are still good and routine maintenance. Examples of cars that have easy maintenance are cars from Japan. Japanese cars that are marketed in Indonesia are usually branded Toyota, Honda, Daihatsu, and many more Japanese car products which are marketed in Indonesia. Cars that are quite difficult to maintain in Indonesia usually come from Europe. This difficult maintenance is usually caused by the difficulty of the spare parts available in Indonesia. The difficulty of these parts also makes the price of these parts expensive and also affects the selling price and demand. European car enthusiasts are usually from among car enthusiasts and also from the European car community group. Examples of European cars marketed in Indonesia such as BMW, Peugeot, Mercedes Benz, Volvo, and many more. This European car is known for having luxurious and elegant features and facilities. In the use of fuel, European cars are also far more wasteful than Japanese cars. But in its use, European cars are more comfortable than cars from Japan because of its many luxurious facilities and features compared to those of Japanese cars.

In marketing car sales in Indonesia, there are many methods used by car brokers and traders to market their merchandise. In Indonesia, almost every city has a special place to sell cars. So one of these places gathered a lot of car traders to market their merchandise. Not only traders can sell at these places, car users who want to change cars can also sell their old cars there. Usually the place is visited by new or used car seekers on holidays. In that place we can also trade with vendors who are there. Usually when using the trade-in method, we get cheaper prices and can be used alone. The central place for buying and selling cars in every city, for example in Yogyakarta, on Sunday mornings is usually in the area of ‚Äč‚ÄčTVRI Jogja. There are very many who sell private cars and merchants who sell merchandise cars. In that place we usually can also survey prices in advance so as not to get prices that are too expensive and we can also find out the market price.

With the development of online shop technology, the method of buying and selling cars is now also utilizing an online store that is now in great demand by many people. Many advantages that are owned by online stores in selling car products. Ads posted on online stores can be new or used cars. The online store that is usually used for buying and selling cars is OLX. This application can be downloaded on your Android phone or accessed through a browser that you have. The advantage of this application is that we can search for cars for sale throughout Indonesia. We can survey the price of the car we want to find from any city. With this online shop we can also categorize the car that we want to find. The features of the online shop are many, among others, we can filter to find a specific car in the city or region, in addition we can also categorize the car what we want to search according to our wishes, this application also allows us to sort the price of the car we want to find from the cheapest to the most expensive and vice versa.

Through online shops, we can see the cars that we want to find that are sold by sellers in online stores through photos uploaded by the car seller. Photos that we can see depend on how many sellers upload photos of the cars they sell. Usually these photos include the car body and interior of the car in detail so that we as prospective buyers are also very interested in the cars they sell. If the buyer is interested and serious about the car you want to buy, then the buyer can contact the car seller’s contact who is already in the online store on the advertisement uploaded by the seller. We also have to be careful if the seller is suspicious, we better not continue the transaction because it can be indicated that the seller is a fraud who often roams in online stores. With the development of technology used in buying and selling cars, it is also easier for us to find and sell these items using an online store that is currently very widely used by mobile users.

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