youtube incognito - anonymous youtube

In last May, YouTube reportedly is testing the mode of “disguise” alias Incognito, in mobile application as incognito youtube. This week, the video sharing platform is rumored to have started applying Incognito youtube mode to the Android platform so you can stream like anonymous youtube. Why anonymous because it can traces or save your stream history.

As with Chrome browsers, Incognito mode in the Android YouTube app is useful to disguise identity while watching videos.

User activity so can not be followed by various trackers on YouTube. Then the search history and video viewing while in Incognito mode was not captured by the YouTube app. Video recommendations become more random as there is no reference to user activity.

How to enable YouTube incognito mode on Android is easy. Users simply tap on the avatar icon in the top right corner, the Home tab, in the YouTube app view.

In the menu that will be displayed later, there is an option to say “Turn on Incognito”, replacing the “Sign Out” button that was previously in the old version of the YouTube app. Once the Turn on Incognito button is pressed, YouTube will immediately activate the undercover mode.

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“When you turn off Incognito mode or inactive, your activity in this session will be deleted and you will be returned to the last account used,” reads a message that appears when first activating Incognito mode.

youtube incognito - anonymous youtube

In the top right corner of the screen will be displayed Incognito icon pictured face masked and glasses, when the mode is running. There is also a column that says “You’re Incognito” below the screen. simple to activated youtube incognito right.

To turn off Incognito mode and log-in back to the most recently used account, tap the Incognito icon in the upper-right corner of the screen.

Incognito mode is now newly available in the YouTube app for Android. Not yet clear when it arrives on YouTube version of iOS.

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